BEIJING, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What’s it like to try 136 different craft beers in just two days? On October 13th and 14th, Beijing’s Langyuan VINTAGE hosted the explosive seventh edition of the "8×8 Collaborative Brewing Project" organized by Jing- A Brewing Co. This two-day beer festival, serving as the grand finale of the collaborative brewing event, captured significant attention from the craft beer industry. Outstanding craft breweries from China and around the world, along with craft beer enthusiasts, gathered at the event to enjoy, drink, and immerse themselves in the passion of craft beer enthusiasts and the charm of craft beer.

A Unique Collaborative Brewing Project Not to Be Missed

Since 2017, at each 8×8 Brewing Project, Jing-A, the organizer, invites eight craft breweries from the Greater China region and another eight craft breweries from selected regions around the world, making a total of 16 breweries. They work together to create eight brand-new and unique craft beers for 8×8 Collaborative Brew project. Jing-A believes that collaborative brewing not only allows them to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry and promote technical and cultural exchanges between craft breweries, but it also fosters a continuous stream of interesting craft beer ideas.

These eight creative collab beers brewed through this collaboration were unveiled at the beer festival. Additionally, the 16 participating breweries also brought their other flagship beers, giving domestic consumers an opportunity to taste high-quality and delicious brews, resulting in a total of "8+128" extraordinary craft beer experiences!

Chinese and Foreign Breweries Collide, Showcasing Global Craft Beer Trends

Following the tradition of 8×8, Jing-A invited eight leading craft breweries from the Greater China region to participate in the collaboration. This year, they selected another eight craft breweries from the cutting-edge regions of Australia and New Zealand, known for having the world’s smallest and most stable hop cultivation area, offering a delightful surprise to the collaborative brewing project.

These 16 Chinese and foreign craft breweries joined forces, collided, and worked together to showcase the latest brewing trends globally, enabling people to taste the flavors of popular hops worldwide and explore interesting and unique brewing techniques.

Tasting Eight Creative Limited Collaborative Brews On-Site

The highlight of the event was, of course, the eight creative collaborative brews. When the list of craft breweries was announced, it was evident that this was a collision of geniuses, a clash between the old guard and the newcomers. All of the talented brewers delivered a fresh surprise. Below are some interesting brewing stories shared by the brewers.

No.18 brewing &Mountain culture: Pacific Rim Double hazy IPA

From the city of a hundred lakes, Wuhan, Shiba Craft Beer, and MCBC from the sprawling bays of Australia, two breweries situated near water bodies, collaborated using high-quality Australian oats and a touch of American hops, combined with local flavors from Wuhan. This double hazy IPA boasts a distinctive flavor that is refreshingly new.

Ye brewing & 8 Wired: The farmhouse sour ale

A promising local emerging craft brewery from Shijiazhuang, Hebei, and the champion craft brewery from New Zealand, 8 Wired, who believes in "using New World methods to interpret Old World styles," came together. They used famous New Zealand hops, incorporated various iconic fruits from different parts of China, and farmhouse ale yeast to craft a brew that showcases an authentic rustic charm.

Wild West brewing & Bridge Road Brewers: Why fight it? Hazy Double IPA

China’s Wild West Brewery and Australia’s Bridge Road Brewers, two breweries that are a force to be reckoned with, selected the highly popular Australian Galaxy hops and the explosively aromatic Eclipse hops, along with traditional T90 and advanced Cryo and Spectrum hop products. The result is a double hazy IPA bursting with rich hop aroma, allowing you to taste the free-spirited Western flavor and the distinctive Australian style.

HopsCraft & Black Man’s Brewery:Okteabierfest Marzen

A beer for October celebrations, this lager is made by blending elements from both breweries in their brewing barrels, combining malt from Australia with Chongqing’s local tea and fruits to create a brew that exudes an authentic rural charm.

Mahanine Brewing & Hop Nation:Mahanation’s flower Double hazy IPA

From Hohhot, China, Mahanine Brewery, and Australia’s Hop Nation, using Galaxy hops from Australia and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. The former is one of the world’s most popular hop varieties, known for its intense passion fruit, peach, and citrus aromas. The latter has a unique white grape wine character, like the scent of freshly crushed currants. These high-quality hops, combined with oats from Inner Mongolia, produced a double hazy IPA with high alcohol content (ABV above 8.5%) and a high malt concentration (20°P), bringing a taste of the Southern Hemisphere to the 8×8 event.

E.T. Brewery & Wildflower:Rainy Day table beer blend

This is a light ale that is highly complex in terms of brewing technique and takes a long time to brew. With an alcohol content of about 4%, it skillfully showcases the flavors developed by the mix of Saison, hops, barrel aging, and wild yeast over two months. The addition of loquats adds a Chinese touch to the brew. The brewers humorously shared that they would play the ancient Chinese tune "Pipa Xing" during the barrel aging period, hoping it would bring good luck.

Jing-A & Garage Project: Ghost Whisper NZ style double hazy thiolised IPA

Co-brewed by the event organizer, Jing-A, and Garage Project from New Zealand, this brew includes an ingredient called "Phantasm" during the brewing process, which makes the hazy beer juicier. This ingredient was discovered by the Garage Project, one of the collaborating breweries. Rumor has it that emails sent between the two breweries during brainstorming sessions often mysteriously disappear, "Who Knows" where they go?

Bubble lab & Range Brewing: The other Range Double Hazy IPA

These two craft breweries, skilled in IPA styles, decided to challenge higher dimensions with their collaboration. The inclusion of Oceania hops intensified the tropical fruit aroma.

A One-of-a-Kind Beer Festival Experience, Only at Jing-A 8×8

8×8 offers more than just a dazzling array of craft beers. The experience of "drinking beer while strolling through a temple fair" has always been a unique aspect of the 8×8 Beer Festival. In addition to the delicious food, drinking, shopping, and more, there are also fun experiences such as nail art, massages, and tattoos. Various artists come together to provide you with these "services." In the Jing- A merchandise store, you can explore various craft beer-related products and souvenirs, perfect for commemorating the 8×8 Beer Festival.

Jing- A 8×8 Remains True to Its Roots, Paying Tribute to the Spirit of Craft Beer

Collaborative brewing has always been a crucial part of Jing-A’s DNA. Since its founding in 2012, founders Alex and Kris have been enthusiastic about collaborating with other breweries. The 8×8 Collaborative Brew project aims to provide a platform for the international craft beer community to gain deeper insights into Chinese craft beer and also to offer a showcase for outstanding Chinese breweries.

As one of China’s pioneering craft beer brands, Jing-A Brewery, after 11 years of development, is known for its high quality and innovative spirit. It enjoys a great reputation among both industry professionals and the general public. Jing- A aims to foster a thriving craft beer culture within China, provide opportunities for outstanding local breweries to expand internationally, and inject new life into the craft beer culture. The 8×8 Collaborative Brewing project is a testament to Jing-A’s dedication to the craft and an opportunity to bring together craft breweries from home and abroad, celebrate the spirit of craft brewing, and salute the passionate hearts of every craft brewer.

We can’t wait for the next Jing-A 8×8!

About Jing-A:

Jing-A is a unique craft beer brand with Chinese characteristics, founded in 2012. Created by two long-time friends, Alex and Kris in Beijing. Jing-A is a brewery that continually innovates, using interesting ingredients and unexpected flavors to create beer. From improving classic styles to bold experimental combinations and collaborations with breweries from around the world, Jing -A Beer considers artwork as the fifth essential ingredient in their beers.

Jing -A’s goal is to make beers that we are damn proud of—challenging our own limits, honoring our origins and foundations, and changing the world’s perception of Chinese beer.

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Source : 136 craft beers in two days? Celebrating the 2023 8×8 brewing project at Beijing's Langyuan VINTAGE Hosted by Jing-A

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