TAIPEI, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Y2K theme is trending, with elements from fashion and music millennium continue to heat up.On February 26th, 17sing invites Andrew Tan and Chang Hsiu Ching to jointly create the Y2K Ballad Carnival online event, which will bring back the golden memories of the music,and singers will play games with fans, which attracted a lot of attention from the Internet.

As one of the hottest singers in the Y2K era, Andrew Tan has had a wonderful achievement. In the early days of his career, his song “Tian Hou” became a hit songs all over the country. This song has become a the most popular song in KTV and has been on the kkbox charts for more than 400 days. After that, Andrew Tan released many classic songs.In March this year, Andrew Tan will release his eighth album, let’s wait and see!

Chang Hsiu Ching is one of the most important role in the Taiwanese music. She has released 29 albums and sung countless classic Taiwanese songs, which are the youthful memories of all Taiwanese.She is called by fans as known as the “Queen of Bitter Love Songs” and the “Spice Girl Diva”. She is also a vivid character who is full of personality, and she is good at imitating her close friends. In 1994, she won the Best Female Vocalist Award for her song “I Want to Alter My Feelings”.

The Y2K Ballad Carnival will be held from 2/26-3/24, and will be divided into two stages, the Singer Contest and the Family Contest. Users can participate in the Singer Contest by singing their idol’s songs, and the top users will be able to sing for their idols on live, as well as receive an autographed by the idols! The Family Contest is based on the families in the 17sing, and they compete for popularity through the activities in the family singing room. Families with high popularity will be awarded with an exclusive customized blessing video from the artist and interact with the idol on live! Fans can also vote for the song they want their idol to sing at the event, and the artists will perform the top-voted song live!

3/10 and 3/24 are the live streaming of Andrew Tan and Chang Hsiu Ching. These two singers will come to 17sing live room to sing their classic songs, recreating their classic looks from the peak of the golden time. During the live streaming, the stars will also interact with their fans and reveal exclusive secrets! During the live, there will be a lot of lottery, interaction between singers and fans, and send out autographs of the singers, don’t miss this opportunity,please check out the Y2K Live Nights on 3/10 and 3/24 for more fun!

David, Marketing Director of 17sing said, music and memory are intricately linked, classic music can touch people’s emotions. By organizing the Y2K Ballad Carnival, 17sing hopes the power of music can recall the classics and help people go back in time to recapture good memories. In the future, 17sing will continue to organize this series of themed events, so that music can travel through time and space, connect people’s hearts and heal wounds.

17sing is a karaoke social entertainment APP popular among the young generation. AI scoring, millions of tracks and chorus duets help you become the king of KTV; the karaoke room let you experience online singing and compete with friends; a variety of popular music games such as rank competition, snatch sing mode, and song guessing contests will keep you entertained; Lots of games such as Happy Marathon, Match Play will bring you more fun!

Source : 17sing hosts Y2K Ballad Carnival event,Andrew Tan and Chang Hsiu Ching recreate the golden song era

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