CHAOZHOU, China, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

On March 4, 2024, the “Chaozhou Qinglong Temple Fair” intangible cultural heritage (ICH) parade officially kicked off. As the grandest local folk event in Chaozhou, the parade featuring over 800 participants and stretching for some 1,500 meters passed through the Chaozhou Ancient City along a designated route.

Scene of the parade
Scene of the parade

The parade delighted the crowds with wonderful performances centered around the four themes of inheritance, ICH display, Chaozhou charm, and nostalgia. More than 10 kinds of ICH items including Chaozhou Gongs and Drums, Dragon & Lion Dances, Cloth-Horse Dance, Yingge Dance, and Chaozhou Opera were presented in turns, allowing tourists to experience the charm of ICH up close.

Additionally, 101 domestic and overseas associations participated in the parade, and more than 500 guests from China and beyond attended by invitation. Chaozhou, through holding ICH parades, aims to unite overseas Chinese at home and abroad, improve their understanding of Chaozhou culture, and let them feel confident and proud about the extensive dissemination and development of Chaozhou culture.

It is reported that the “Chaozhou Qinglong Temple Fair”, an ICH protection project in Guangdong Province, serves as an important symbol of Chaozhou’s regional cultural identity.

Source : 2024 'Chaozhou Qinglong Temple Fair' Intangible Cultural Heritage Parade Held

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