TAIPEI, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Medical Japan Tokyo was held grandly from October 11 to 13, gathering medical professionals, manufacturers, medical institutions, and research units from around the world. AMS BioteQ Co., Ltd. made its first appearance in the exhibition and became one of the spotlights. Founded in 2018, AMS BioteQ (TPE: 6864) specializes in the microbial field, particularly in solving the problem of antibiotic resistance. Utilizing its patented biotechnological process, ExtrO™, the company has successfully developed several technologies and products, including a novel natural antibacterial material called MediAce®, which could promote wound healing process.

Chairman of AMS BioteQ and the R&D team took a photo with Director Wei on the launch day of Medical Japan Tokyo 2023
Chairman of AMS BioteQ and the R&D team took a photo with Director Wei on the launch day of Medical Japan Tokyo 2023

Innovative Moist Treatment, Yielding Novel Wound Healing Process

AMS BioteQ has focused its R&D efforts on a new series of hydrophilic dressings called SIPSIP, made from environmentally friendly materials, which has excellent anti-adhesion, anti-scarring, and tissue regeneration capabilities. The SIPSIP series consists of three types of dressings: SIPSIP Foam, SIPSIP Pro, and SIPSIP Complex. The SIPSIP series offers three specialized wound care dressings: "Complex," "Pro," and "Foam." Each variant is designed with patented, non-allergenic, and highly absorbent features. "Complex" focuses on all-around care and scar prevention, "Pro" is ideal for sensitive skin and offers superior moisturizing, while "Foam" provides optimal absorbency and minimizes wound adhesion. These dressings are not only biocompatible and hydrophilic but have also been scientifically proven to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration in mouse models.

Captivating Global Interest across Multiple Sectors with Unique Technology

During the exhibition, AMS BioteQ initially estimated to receive 500 visitors, but the actual number exceeded 1,000, with an effective visitor ratio near 50%. In addition to local Japanese visitors, who made up 70% of the total, the remaining 30% came from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. About 10% of the visitors were from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including countries like Belgium, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. The visitor demographic was diverse, including import-export traders, medical equipment agents, staff from hospitals and long-term care institutions, as well as many decision-makers.

Actively apply for regulatory permissions and gradually expand international research cooperation

In this exhibition, AMS BioteQ unveiled its innovative SIPSIP series of medical dressings, with plans to submit medical device license applications to both the FDA and TFDA by the end of 2023, targeting revenue growth for 2024. Accompanied by two experts from their R&D department, the company offered detailed insights into their promising new products, including the SIPSIP series and AMS-2140. This exhibition served as a pivotal platform for AMS BioteQ, as their cutting-edge products and technologies have not only opened a new direction in healthcare but also garnered significant attention from industry professionals and investors alike.

Source : AMS BioteQ Makes Debut at Medical Japan 2023: Bringing Innovative Healthcare into New Horizons

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