AXA and Chiron Medical join hands to introduce Hong Kong’s first women-exclusive health centre
Comprehensive care for women’s health with an entire female medical team at the helm

HONG KONG, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Commemorating International Women’s Day on 8 March, AXA Hong Kong and Macau (“AXA”) and Chiron Medical Group (“Chiron Medical”) jointly announced the grand opening of the “AXA Women’s Health Centre” (The Centre). It marks the first collaboration of its kind between an insurance company and a medical service group in Hong Kong. The Centre is designed to meet women’s unique needs, providing comfortable and attentive one-stop health management services, covering examination, diagnosis, treatment, and health management.

Women in Hong Kong play important roles in society, the workplace, and at home. Amidst balancing their responsibilities and striving for excellence, they tend to overlook their health by skipping routine check-ups and failing to respond to concerning symptoms in their bodies. Government statistics indicate a rising trend in newly diagnosed cancer cases among women, surpassing men for the first time in 2020[1]. This highlights the urgent need for society to address women’s health challenges, calling for collaborative efforts to raise women’s awareness about preventative healthcare, regular check-ups, and the value of healthy living.

To promote early diagnosis and timely treatment for women, AXA has partnered with FemWell, a female health brand owned by Chiron Medical, to launch the “AXA Women’s Health Centre” in the bustling heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. This cutting-edge facility provides a full range of women’s health services, including general practice, obstetrics and gynaecology, clinical oncology, general surgery, and consultations with clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and chiropractors, all overseen by a female medical team. A professional case manager will be assigned to follow up on individual needs, from organising appointments and examinations to administering treatment and rehabilitation care, assuring continuous assistance throughout the process.

The “AXA Women’s Health Centre” breaks away from traditional clinic styles and places a strong emphasis on being “thoughtful, friendly and reliable”. The Centre’s inviting and soothing interior creates a comfortable and reassuring environment for visitors, reducing their nervousness or anxiety during medical visits. The dedicated changing rooms, exclusive waiting areas, consulting rooms and imaging screening rooms ensure high privacy and comfort during the examination and consultation procedures.  

Emily Li, Chief Employee Benefits and Wellness Officer at AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, “I am excited to the official launch of the ‘AXA Women’s Health Centre’ in partnership with FemWell, a female health brand under Chiron Medical, in celebration of today’s International Women’s Day. This initiative aims to raise awareness of women’s health and provide more comfortable, high-quality services tailored to their unique needs. AXA has always remained our commitment to supporting women’s health. Last year, we successfully introduced the innovative ‘Better She’ health management programme[2] in Hong Kong, specifically designed for women. This programme integrates gynaecological services and preventive treatment from both Traditional Chinese and Western medicines to improve women’s physical and mental well-being, thereby reducing the risk of critical gynecological disease in the future. The opening of the Centre for today marks another significant milestone in our dedication to women’s health. Leveraging the strengths of AXA and Chiron Medical, we provide comprehensive medical and holistic healthcare to women throughout their health journey, empowering them to prioritise early prevention, early detection, and early treatment.”

[1] Source: Census and Statistics Department

[2] For further details, please refer to the ‘Better She’ webpage on

Wallace Wong, Managing Director at Chiron Medical Group, said, “I’m honoured to announce the launch of the Centre today through the partnership with AXA and our FemWell, the female health brand under Chiron Medical. With our group’s “people-oriented” philosophy at the core, FemWell takes a comprehensive approach to support women’s health, guided by a team of female experts. The Centre adheres to “Illness treatment” and “Wellness management” principles while embracing a refreshing concept of ultimate comfort. Placing our customers’ health at the forefront, we provide personalised health experiences that cater to women’s unique needs. As the first phase of FemWell’s development under Chiron Medical, the Centre represents a significant milestone. We will actively explore further collaborations that share our vision of promoting women’s holistic well-being within the healthcare ecosystem. Our goal is to take a customer-driven approach to deliver mental and physical health services and more educational resources, empowering women to proactively improve their overall well-being.”

AXA has always been dedicated to meeting customer needs and adapting to market dynamics. We continuously invest resources and foster partnerships to strengthen our extensive medical and specialty medical network. Building on the success of the “AXA Medical Centre” and the “AXA Designated Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre, the launch of the “AXA Women’s Health Centre” expands our network to cater specially to women’s healthcare needs through our collaboration with FemWell, a female health brand owned by Chiron Medical.  By championing a new and empowering approach to comprehensive women’s healthcare, AXA supports women’s health across Hong Kong while demonstrating our commitment to lifelong partnership with our customers.

At the AXA Women’s Health Centre“, AXA policyholders can enjoy exclusive benefits, including cashless services for eligible medical treatments and up to 30% discounts on designated health check-ups. For more details, please visit “Emma By AXA”, our all-in-one insurance & health services mobile application.

About AXA Hong Kong and Macau

AXA Hong Kong and Macau is a member of the AXA Group, a leading global insurer with presence in 50 markets and serving 94 million customers worldwide. Our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

As one of the most diversified insurers in Hong Kong, we offer integrated solutions across Life, Health and General Insurance. We are the largest General Insurance provider and a major Health and Employee Benefits provider. Our aim is to not only be the insurer to provide comprehensive protection to our customers, but also a holistic partner to the individuals, businesses and community we serve. At the core of our service commitment is continuous product & service innovation and customer experience enrichment, which is achieved through actively listening to our customers’ needs and leveraging and investing in technology and digital transformation.

We embrace our responsibility to be a driving force against climate change and a force for good to create shared value for our community. We are proud to be the first to address the importance of mental health through different products and services and thought leading iconic research. Our overall Sustainability Strategy, with emphasis on climate strategy and biodiversity commitment, is developed based on TCFD recommendations. We are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors across our business and strive to contribute to a sustainable future through 3 distinct roles – as an investor, insurer and an exemplary company.

About Chiron Medical Group

Chiron Medical Group (“Chiron Medical”) adheres to a patient-centered approach and the establishment of trustworthy medical care. Our mission is to provide comprehensive medical services that encompass prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of various health conditions, offering patients a one-stop healthcare solution.

We possess an exceptional team of specialised medical professionals and advanced technologies. By combining effective communication with our patients, we provide personalised medical care to ensure that patients have the best experience throughout the consultation, treatment process, and the establishment of a healthy lifestyle. We strive to become their trusted medical partner.

About FemWell

FemWell, a female health brand owned by Chiron Medical Group, is established to provide a holistic caring platform for the Women’s health nowadays. With a multi-disciplinary team of female experts to focus on all aspects of women’s wellness and the all-rounded “Illness treatment” to “Wellness management” concept, FemWell brings the idea of the optimal health for women and works together towards a prosperous life.

The launch of the Women’s Health Center is the first step in FemWell’s promotional campaign.  Moving forward, FemWell is committed to delivering continuous  health information,  conducting workshops on physical and mental well-being, and offering personalised treatment plans. Our ultimate goal is to empower women to prioritise their personal health and address their overall physical and mental well-being.



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Source : "AXA Women's Health Centre" officially unveils on International Women's Day

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