Highly sensitive persons (HSP’s) are unique individuals who have different work traits and characteristics from the rest of workers. These people react readily to any stimulation which others may find as annoying or undesirable. However, these people actually have an edge at the work place because of their special traits.

Highly sensitive people are known to be intelligent and high achievers. They do not settle for less and do not like being forced to do so. They dislike almost any kind of pressure from other stimuli, but works excellently when left alone. They are loyal workers if they are understood and accepted as they are.

You can find people like these in whatever type of industry but there are specific work conditions that they find appealing and comfortable. Actually they can be effective workers in almost all work area but since there are some of them that lack the confidence and courage to speak up, there are variety of jobs that are not recommended.

One career option for people who are highly sensitive is in working one-on-one jobs. Since these people like working in a quite environment, they love to focus on their jobs. They are very work oriented and sticks to what is demanded of them. The high sensitivity of these people is the one that makes them intuitive and excessively empathetic of what the other person feels about them or their job. It is what drives them to do excellent work. There are so many successful HSP’s working as counselors, tutors and trainers. They also make good massage therapists.

In the same sense, HSP’s love to have solo project work. Without someone looking over their shoulders trying to stick heads into their work, they are a lot more productive and satisfied with their work. They technically do better on their own than when mixed into a team. These solo careers are writers, programmers, artists and a lot more.

Another career where HSP’s excel is on the analytic aspect. When working as an analyst and predictors in a team, they will be the ones who will counteract impulsive decisions made by other members of the team. The can help the group by weighing various options carefully before deciding. They can work well in evaluating stocks, race horses, market trends and doing research. These jobs need in depth analysis which is the niche of HSP’s.

Other HSP’s also prefer working as personal assistants. They tend to be very loyal when they find a boss who understands their uniqueness. They will also find it easy to organize things for another person since they themselves are organized in nature. Highly sensitive persons are also effective salesmen. Working with plants and animals also give these people the silence they need. The lesser they interact with people who are pressuring them, the stronger they become.

There are so many HSP’s nowadays who are making money by making their own business. This way they can control the environment and they can function effectively without a boss looking out. They can also manage the stress they encounter at work by designing a time management plan that is most comfortable for them.

Careers which can be done from home is also an option for a highly sensitive person. Nowadays, anyone can work online jobs without having to go through rigid interviews and screening. Most of these jobs are web marketing, web designing, marketing and writing. These jobs are interesting for most HSP’s because they can control the stimulation they receive from other people.

Overall, there are a lot of options for a highly sensitive person to land a job. The most effective way for them to stay on the job is to inform their co workers that they are HSP’s so that other people will be able to adjust appropriately.

Source by Rasmus Lindgren

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