How to get a drive license in Thailand

• The first step seems simple: you have to translate your driver’s license in Thai. Please note that the translation of a single page takes 2 days. Then you need to legalize the document to your embassy. You can now access the second stage of your career.

• To do this, you must go to the Thai government. Arm yourself with courage and a good dictionary! Sign language can also serve you. Indeed, there are no signs or information services and nobody speak English.

• First, you must submit all your documents. If all is accepted, be prepared to undergo a series of tests of all kinds: color differentiation, reflexes or side vision. You’re last! It’ll just pay some baths for making and laminating your license. And now you are free to move!

• Do not forget the first time your drive license is available for 1 year. The second time it is available for 3 years.

The more info: Thais do not follow any course of conduct. It is their relatives who teach them.

List of documents required to obtain your license Thai:
– Proof of residence
– A medical certificate
– Two passport photos
– A photocopy of your passport
– Your international license

Advice for finish: Think renew well in advance your international license, you will avoid many problems.

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