Proceedings concerning the applicant employee:

Any foreigner working in Thailand must obtain a work permit.

The work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labour, and the time to reach is around three weeks.

In the case of Limited Company (which is the form of the most common business in Thailand) administration request the following documents:

Photocopy of passport

– First page

– Page of photo

– Page visa

– Page stamped with the last entry into Thailand;

Photocopy of entry into Thailand (Entry Card)

Photocopy (ies) degree (s) of the applicant (the immigration officer may request that the copy be certified by the Embassy)

Letter from employer confirming employment and justifying the non-recruitment of a Thai national,

Medical certificate,

2 passport size color photos (5×4 cm)


Procedure and conditions for business:

Only Companies Limited complying with at least one of the following criteria may apply for a work permit:

– Have a paid up capital of 2 million baht, and employ four Thai employees (work permits per capital of 2 million baht and 4 Thai employees).

– Be located in Thailand for at least 3 years and annually pay at least 5 million baht of income tax during the last three years (for a work permit for every 5 million baht tax)

– Generate, export activities by at least 3 million baht per year into currency (a work permit for every 3 million baht generated).


The maximum number of work permits in a company under Thai law is 10, except in the latter case, where it is 3. In any event, the company must comply with the ratio 1 foreign employee to 4 Thais employees.


The company hiring a foreigner must include in the application package, the documents requested for Non-Immigrant Visa B (identity card of the company), together with copies of:

– The last balance sheet and income statement of the last audited

– The receipt of the excise tax for the previous month demand

– The last tax Social Security, filled with the agent of the Social Security (Form PAW SAW SAW 1-10).


The cost of a work permit varies between 3,000 baht and 7,000 baht, depending on the duration of the work permit. A work permit is granted for a period not exceeding one year.

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