HONG KONG, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Driven by artificial intelligence technology, Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment (Ticker: BHAT) today announced that an independently developed AI digital person, ” Aileen,” will serve as the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). The development of this AI digital person is based on the company’s long-term technical buildup in the gaming field and in-depth application of market-leading third-party AI technology, marking an important step for BHAT in the field of AI application services.

The development of Aileen brings together two core technologies: a highly realistic digital person image and advanced language interaction capabilities. Its image design is based on BHAT’s technology and experience in the gaming field. Through high-precision modeling and animation technology, Aileen is given an appealing appearance and natural and smooth movements. In terms of verbal interaction, Aileen adopts the latest market-leading third-party AI technology and has been deeply trained through the company’s internal database, enabling it to understand and respond to complex linguistic expressions and realize natural and efficient communication.

Serving as CIO, Aileen will be responsible for collecting industry information related to the company’s future development and providing decision-making support to the company’s management team. In the future, Aileen will be online on the company’s official website to interact in real time with investors and news media from all walks of life, answering detailed inquiries about the company’s development plans.

Mr. Chen Xiaodong, CEO of BHAT, said: Given today’s fast-changing AI technology, how to use AI to assist the company’s decision-making, and how to fully operate AI in business activities has become the key to the success of enterprises. In the future, there will be a number of billion- or even trillion-dollar AI application companies, and the winners of the AI revolution will unlikely be only the giants such as NVIDIA and Microsoft, but more likely to include also small and medium-sized companies that are able to fully utilize AI to iterate their products and services, which will also face historic opportunities.

BHAT is in the process of transforming the field of AI application services, and we believe that in the near future, CIO Aileen will help BHAT to provide better services and decision-making.

Contact: Deanna Liu
Email: ir@bluehatgroup.net  


Source : Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology(NASDAQ: BHAT) Announces Artificial Intelligence "Aileen" as Chief Information Officer

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