TAIPEI , Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the 9th, Taiwan Fighting Sports Co., Ltd officially announced the launch of the “Carry Fighting Championship” in 2024, marking the first professional fighting competition in Taiwan and creating more opportunities for domestic boxing athletes. The event has invited the legendary world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to serve as the honorary president of the “Carry Fighting Championship” league. The collaboration includes Taiwan Fighting Sports Co., Ltd  CEO Jerry Yen, renowned Taiwanese designer Daniel Wong, producer of “The Cage 2023,” Hauer, and Sports Emmy Award-winner Billy Drummed, injecting a fresh energy and style into this grand event.

As an emerging force in fighting promotion, Taiwan Fighting Sports Co., Ltd is dedicated to organizing various professional fighting events to bring new sports experiences to Taiwan. Through well-produced programs and diverse activities, the aim is to inspire more people to engage in fighting sports. To elevate the event to a new level, outstanding talents from various fields have been invited to contribute their expertise, igniting a brighter spotlight on fighting sports.

Manny Pacquiao, the only boxer in history to win world titles in eight different weight classes and known as the “Philippine Boxing Legend,” and is revered as a national hero. His involvement not only brings great honor to the “Carry Fighting Championship” but also focuses global attention on Taiwan.

Fashion maestro Daniel Wong has crafted a unique logo for the Carry Fighting Championship, blending fashion and artistic elements to showcase the clever fusion of fighting’s power and stylish aesthetics. The league has also enlisted Hauer, a veteran producer of “The Cage 2023,” as the league’s event producer, and Sports Emmy Award-winner Billy Drummed as the Chief Operating Officer, aiming to inject more creativity and vitality into Taiwan’s fighting sports scene.

CEO Jerry Yen (Yen Youqian) of Taiwan Fighting Co., Ltd expressed, “Carry Fighting Championship is about to become the pinnacle of Taiwanese fighting sports, and we eagerly anticipate this league that will lead Taiwan’s fighting sports into a new era. Manny Pacquiao’s participation adds a legendary touch to the league, and we believe it will be a crucial moment for Taiwan to shine on the global fighting stage.”

The league is scheduled to officially start in March, and Taiwan Fighting Sports Co., Ltd will collaborate with outstanding talents from all walks of life to create a dynamic and creative fighting world for enthusiasts. Through the “Carry Fighting Championship”,  hoping to elevate Taiwan’s fighting sports standards onto the global stage, allowing more people to witness this incredibly captivating sports event! The matches will also be broadcasted on various platforms, allowing more people to experience this outstanding sports spectacle and presenting an unparalleled visual feast for the audience.

For more information on the Carry Fighting Championship, please refer to the official website: and Facebook Fanpage :

Manny Pacquiao serve as the honorary president of the "Carry Fighting Championship" league.
Manny Pacquiao serve as the honorary president of the “Carry Fighting Championship” league.

Source : "Carry Fighting Championship" kicks off in 2024 with Manny Pacquiao as the honorary president of the CFC League

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