NEW YORK, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Mother’s Day, aumuca, a brand renowned for its expertise in pet hair grooming solutions, announces the inauguration of Pet Day X Happy Mother’s Day. This special event aims to highlight the brand’s dedication and love for the well-being and happiness of all pets, treating them as cherished members of the family. Bearing the event slogan, “Cheers to Cats, Crowns for Cat Moms,” the celebration pays tribute to the devoted cat moms who selflessly nurture and care for their kittens, showcasing the brand’s profound appreciation for the unique bond between pets and their caregivers. This initiative underscores aumuca’s commitment to fostering a warm, harmonious environment for pets and their families.

aumuca| Cheers to Cats, Crowns for Cat Moms! Pet Day X Happy Mother’s Day Specially Made

The celebration begins on May 7th and extends through May 12th, marking six days of appreciation for feline friends and their human families. Throughout this time, aumuca presents an exclusive discount of 20~30% off on its entire product range. These special offers are accessible through multiple channels, including Amazon and the official aumuca website ( This period represents an unparalleled opportunity for cat owners to acquire top-of-the-line pet care tools at the lowest price in 2024, including aumuca’s newly launched Pet Deshedding Tool, now available at a remarkable 30% discount, priced at only $17.49 (click to purchase).

The aumuca Pet Deshedding Tool distinguishes itself with its pet-centric design philosophy, prioritizing not only efficient hair removal but also the safety and comfort of both pets and their owners. It is specially made for short-haired pets and is highly effective, removing up to 90% of loose hair without causing any harm or discomfort to the pet. This is thanks to a unique sandblasting passivation treatment that ensures the hair is gently removed without cutting it or damaging the skin, making it a safe and dependable option for pet grooming.

The tool is characterized by its lightweight design, tipping the scales at a mere 2.6oz, and is constructed with an ergonomic handle angled at 145°. This design ensures effortless operation and a user-friendly experience. It is crafted to provide a gentle grooming session that efficiently removes loose, dead hair without any tugging or pulling, ensuring a stress-free experience for both the pet and the handler.

Founded by a group of dedicated cat enthusiasts who view their pets as integral family members deserving of love and care, aumuca’s mission is about enriching the lives of pets and their owners. By delving deeply into the realm of pet hair grooming, aumuca aspires to offer an extensive and comprehensive range of grooming products centered around pets. This initiative is driven by the belief that every pet owner should have the opportunity to express their pure love and companionship, crafting a healthier, happier, and more refined life for their pets through superior grooming products.

This year’s event for Mother’s Day not only underscores significant savings but also highlights aumuca’s vision of improving the quality of life for pets and their owners. It aims to motivate broader participation in activities that celebrate our furry friends, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to enhance their well-being globally in alignment with aumuca’s objectives.

About aumuca

aumuca is a brand specializing in pet hair grooming, offering a wide array of solutions tailored for comprehensive hair grooming for pets. At the heart of aumuca’s brand philosophy is the motto “Enjoy Pet Grooming,” reflecting the belief that grooming goes beyond mere health maintenance and hair removal. It’s considered a soothing activity that not only provides pets with a delightful grooming experience but also offers owners a moment of relaxation.

Embracing a pet-centric approach to product design, aumuca is dedicated to improving the grooming and cleaning experience for both pets and their owners. With a strong emphasis on safety and comfort, aumuca has crafted an innovative line of pet hair cleaning products. This range includes the Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Pet Dematting Tool, Self Cleaning Silicone Brush, Pet Deshedding Tool, and Pet Hair Remover, all designed to meet the diverse needs of pet grooming with ease and efficiency.

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Source : Celebrate Mother's Day with a Twist: aumuca Announces Pet Day X Happy Mother's Day Event

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