• Coupons are provided to acquire “Bound Yuanbao” and “EXP Fairy” aiding in character growth.
  • A roulette event is held every weekend… offering a variety of items that help with quick growth.

SEOUL, South Korea, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ChuanQi IP, a subsidiary of Wemade (CEO: Henry Chang), will offer two growth-supporting events in celebration of the one-month anniversary of MIR2M The Grandmaster, the new blockchain-based idle martial arts RPG.

First, new users are provided with coupons to obtain 100 “Bound Yuanbaos” and one “EXP Fairy.” Coupons are shared through MIR2M social channels, and users can use them by entering the code in the in-game Benefit Hall menu.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a roulette event takes place.¬†Participants can join using Yuanbaos or roulette tickets. Over 310 items, including “Alien Beast” and “Collection Cards” for quick growth, are distributed as event rewards.

MIR2M : The Grandmaster, released in February, is the third title in the MIR2M series. It features rich content like PvP battles, boss dungeons, and guild systems. Players can create parties with up to five characters of various classes such as warriors, mages, and Taoists, nurturing them simultaneously.

Detailed information about the game and events can be found on the official MIR2M: The Grandmaster website and the global blockchain platform WEMIX PLAY.

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Source : ChuanQi IP's idle RPG, MIR2M: The Grandmaster offers a one-month anniversary event!

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