• The groupware provider, Cybozu, have established a new subsidiary for Kintone in Bangkok where they aim to onboard 500 companies onto their flagship workplace productivity platform in Thailand by 2025
  • Thailand’s digital economy is expected to rise significantly by 2027 and is among the most dynamic economies in the region, with over 80% of its population online

BANGKOK, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cybozu Inc., a Japanese provider of groupware solutions for businesses, is pleased to announce today the opening of its subsidiary company, Kintone (Thailand) Co. Ltd., in Thailand. This marks a significant milestone for Cybozu as their Bangkok office will be the company’s second subsidiary in the region after its Kuala Lumpur office, which opened in 2022.

Above: Kintone’s Office Location at Mitrtown Office Tower in Bangkok, Thailand
Above: Kintone’s Office Location at Mitrtown Office Tower in Bangkok, Thailand

Kintone is Cybozu’s flagship all-in-one customisable digital workplace platform built for teamwork, whose main aim is to help businesses manage data, tasks and communication for better workplace efficiency. They pride themselves on their flagship no-code software, which can be personalised to suit user demands across a range of functions, including customer relationship management, workflow management, asset management, human resources, approvals, operations and more.

Kintone is also an award-winning company that was named as a SourceForge Top Performer in No-Code Development Platforms, and recognized in other global software rankings. Their centralised platform also addresses collaboration challenges such as app sprawls, which refers to companies adopting a plethora of apps, to the point of becoming counterproductive for employee productivity. Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kintone’s overarching goal is to provide Thai organisations with needed flexibility and agility for workflow management.

According to the Thailand Board of Investment, the country’s digital economy is expected to rise to a quarter of GDP by 2027. Thailand is among the most dynamic economies in the region. Over 80% of its population is online, and over 99% of its companies are SMEs. This expansion is concurrent with an increasing demand for digital transformation solutions and interest in no-code solutions throughout Southeast Asia.

“The establishment of a Kintone subsidiary in Thailand is a key step on our journey to expanding our user base throughout the region, and worldwide,” said Namya Wayuparb, Managing Director of Kintone (Thailand), “By being closer to our partners and customers in Thailand, we can further develop our local sales and marketing operations while offering stronger, more effective support. I look forward to growing our office and hiring more local staff to assist with our efforts. In close collaboration with our regional headquarters in Malaysia, I believe Kintone can quickly become one of the most competitive digital workplace platforms for SMEs in Thailand.”

By committing to onboarding 500 companies in Thailand by 2025, Kintone aims to expand its current global user base. Cybozu and Kintone are also investing resources to better understand Thailand’s business needs to service users across multiple industries.

Coupled with the opening of the Bangkok office, Cybozu has long-term plans to hire local staff in order to further expand its market presence and customer base. This includes job functions in marketing and sales, which means more efficient support to local Thai clients and partners, as well as a healthy boost to Thailand’s economy and employment market.

About Kintone (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kintone is a customizable digital workplace platform that lets you manage your data, tasks, and communication in one central place. Over 31,800 customers use Kintone’s no-code platform with more than 2 million database and workflow applications custom built for their businesses. Kintone is provided by Cybozu Inc., a Tokyo-based public company founded in 1997. Kintone (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is operating out of Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to its direct sales channels, the company works closely with consulting and product partners providing Kintone throughout the country, as well as with regional headquarters in Malaysia. For more information on the Kintone Southeast Asia, please visit www.kintone.com/en-sea.

Address: 944 Mitrtown Office Tower, Samyan Mitrtown, 25th floor, Unit No. S26086, Rama IV Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330

About Cybozu Inc.

Established in 1997, Cybozu is one of Japan’s leading groupware providers. Dedicated to fostering a society brimming with teamwork, they have designed software solutions that emphasise collaboration and efficiency. Their flagship product, the cloud-based platform Kintone, has become integral to many global businesses since its launch in 2011. Cybozu champions teamwork, a great work environment, and community support. For more information, please visit their website.

Source : Cybozu expands their award-winning No-Code technology in Thailand

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