LISBON, Portugal, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fuel Labs, creator of the first optimistic rollup Fuel V1, today announced its evolution into the “Rollup OS”, a complete operating system specifically designed to help Ethereum rollups realize their full potential. Specifically designed to tackle critical limitations in the existing rollups architectures, the strategic shift strengthens Fuel Labs’ position as a visionary in the Ethereum ecosystem while paving the way for its mainnet launch in Q3 2024.

Unlike existing virtual machines (VMs) designed for layer-1 (L1) blockchains or general-purpose computation systems, Fuel offers the first purpose-built VM that will unlock new capabilities for Ethereum rollups.

Fuel’s unique architecture addresses core challenges in blockchain scalability beyond the conventional paradigm of modularity and even data availability — enabling higher throughput via parallelization, state minimization, seamless interoperability and VM customizability.

“As rollups mature, it’s clear that an operating environment optimized for their unique requirements is a non-negotiable next step. Fuel is that evolution: the ‘Rollup OS’ solves critical bottlenecks, future-proofing both rollup technology and the Ethereum ecosystem,” said Nick Dodson, CEO and Co-Founder of Fuel Labs.

Addressing Ethereum’s Scaling Bottleneck

Ethereum’s reign as the dominant smart contract platform is undeniable, yet its future-readiness and developer appeal hinges on EVM’s ability to solve future requirements of Ethereum rollups. As rollups and modular infrastructure rise, existing technologies made for general computation, or monolithic L1 systems, fail to address the evolving demands of this rollup-centric reality. This forces developers to navigate compromises in design, limiting innovation, adoption, and ultimately, Ethereum’s long-term vision for a globally decentralized network.

The Fuel Advantage: A New Operating System for the Rollup Era

Fuel brings unprecedented power to Ethereum rollups by combining state-of-the-art innovations and learning from its rich history in rollup development:

  • Parallelization to Fuel Scalability Beyond Modularity: Parallel transaction execution in the FuelVM enables Fuel-powered rollups to offer a highly performant user experience, while preserving Ethereum’s decentralization and security. As blockchain networks are increasingly designed to be modular – separating execution, consensus, transaction finality and data availability into separate layers – optimized performance rests on parallelization to offer next-generation scalability benefits.
  • Tackling State Bloat for Sustainable Growth: Fuel’s advanced UTXO model, coupled with unique state minimization techniques, combats state bloat – referring to the ever-increasing accumulation of data that must be entirely stored and managed by nodes in a blockchain network to ensure proper chain validation and state transitions. This allows Fuel-powered rollups to scale without compromise, inheriting Ethereum-level security all while maintaining the lowest node operation overheads. This translates to significantly decreased processing requirements for validators thereby ensuring long-term decentralization.
  • Introspection for Seamless Interoperability: Cross-chain fragmentation reduces overall efficiency. Features like introspection streamline interchain communication, empowering developers and users to navigate a fully connected, multi-rollup ecosystem on Ethereum with confidence.
  • Security-First Design with Asset Orientation: FuelVM removes non-intuitive features like ERC20’s unlimited approvals, and introduces multiple native assets for use cases like native NFT bridging and much more. Native account abstraction and support for multiple signature schemes open the doors to effortless user and wallet onboarding into web3, accelerating mainstream adoption.
  • Developer Empowerment:
    • FuelVM: The heart of the Rollup OS, FuelVM provides maximum flexibility and power to developers, unlocking innovations impossible with constrained legacy architectures.
    • Sway: A domain-specific language designed for blockchains, combining features of Rust and Solidity for secure, yet developer-friendly, blockchain programming.
    • Forc: A suite of powerful tools simplifying and accelerating dApp development and deployment on Fuel-powered chains.
  • Highly Customizable: The Rollup OS unlocks a new wave of creativity in innovative decentralized application (dApp) building, purposefully designed to support use cases that require high computational load, such as advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and web3 gaming.
  • Open-Sourced Security & Collaboration: Fuel prioritizes Ethereum’s security as the foundation, while advocating for collaboration over competition through its open-source ethos.

Fuel aims to remodel execution in order to fuel the future of Ethereum, unlocking never before seen web3 use cases at massive scale. For more information, developers may visit Fuel’s tech docs at Support can also be found via Fuel’s Discord at


Nick Dodson, CEO and Co-Founder of Fuel Labs is available for interview.

About Fuel

Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups. Fuel aims to bring new capabilities to the Ethereum Ecosystem all while preserving decentralisation. Fuel rollups will have parallelization, state minimised execution, and interoperability along with native account abstraction and support for wallets of all networks.

Fuel combines the purpose-built FuelVM, a highly optimised Rust-based blockchain programming language Sway, a fully integrated tool chain Forc, and several services to create a complete Rollup OS for Ethereum. Fuel’s unique architecture will allow developers to build experiences never before seen in the Ethereum ecosystem.

For more information, please visit:
Website | X/Twitter | Discord | Blog | GitHub | Documentation | Forum


Source : Fuel Labs, Creator of the First Optimistic Rollup, Unveils "Rollup OS": The Operating System Purpose-built for Ethereum Rollups

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