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-Global Initiative for Fashion Industry to Reduce Environmental Burdens –

GOLDWIN INC., headquartered in Tokyo, joined in February 2024 “The Fashion Pact,” a global initiative for the fashion and textile industry to curtail environmental burdens. GOLDWIN has become the third Japanese company to join the global initiative.

The Fashion Pact’s logo: 

The Fashion Pact is an organization launched at the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Biarritz, France, in August 2019 by 32 companies in the fashion and textile industry, mainly from Europe, with their commitments to achieving specific shared objectives in the three fields of climate change, biodiversity, and ocean protection. The organization was founded after French President Emmanuel Macron asked Francois-Henri Pinault, the chairman and CEO of Kering S.A., in April 2019 to forge such an initiative. The Fashion Pact, intended for companies related to the luxury, retail, apparel, sports, and lifestyle sectors, currently has more than 60 member companies including Kering, CHANEL, Burberry, Nike, and adidas.

The Fashion Pact’s shared targets: 

In its long-term vision called “PLAY EARTH 2030,” GOLDWIN pledges to “promote green design,” “realize decarbonized society,” and “realize recycling-oriented society” as key environment-related targets aimed at improving the global environment, while working out medium- and long-term goals and specific measures to improve the environment.

GOLDWIN’s target-setting toward improving the environment: 

GOLDWIN is working toward resolving the issue of climate change to improve the global environment under its business philosophy: “Realizing affluent and healthy life through sports.”

Details of GOLDWIN’s environment-conscious efforts: 

Comments from GOLDWIN President Takao Watanabe: 

– GOLDWIN will proactively conduct activities to improve the global environment as it joined The Fashion Pact, a global initiative for the fashion and textile industry to reduce environmental burdens, in February 2024.

– GOLDWIN is the third Japanese company to join the international organization. It is hoped that there will be an increase in the number of companies in Japan that are keen to work together with the common objectives.

– GOLDWIN aims to achieve the common goals set forth in The Fashion Pact as well as its own important environmental issues for the improvement of the global environment.

For more news, please visit GOLDWIN’s website: 

The Fashion Pact’s official website: 

Source : GOLDWIN Becomes Third Japanese Company to Join "The Fashion Pact" to Proactively Help Improve Global Environment

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