HANOI, Vietnam, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As Lazada’s 517 Vietnam Brand Day approaches, coocaa invites consumers to embark on a journey of discovery, where technology meets artistry, and every purchase delivers both visual and auditory delight.

Grand Promotion of coocaa TV Kicks Off
Grand Promotion of coocaa TV Kicks Off

This grand annual event provides incredible opportunities for customers to purchase products cheaply. This year, coocaa will be on the scene, making significant waves with its cutting-edge television offerings. On this much-anticipated annual event, coocaa is launching a campaign centered around two of its marquee products: the 100-inch A5D TV and the Frame+ P6E framed TV. With Frame+ P6E, transform your living space: ON is a cinematic experience, OFF is a canvas of elegance. Among all the TV products on the market, these two new designs are undoubtedly this year’s best sellers. With high performances, coocaa continues its indefatigable progress in winning over new customers. Dive into the exclusive guide and seize the opportunity to make the most of this consumer haven!

  • Buy one, get one free! When purchasing one 100-inch A5D TV, buyers can obtain an additional high-quality 32-inch TV at no extra charge. Boasting a 100-inch Max Screen, which dwarfs conventional televisions, this QLED+ marvel delivers an immersive viewing experience that does justice to sporting events and cinematic extravaganzas. With its 2.1.2ch sound system that incorporates Dolby Atmos technology, users are not just viewers but participants in the action unfolding on the screen.
  • Save big today! Up to 50% off – don’t miss out! Through strategic partnerships with the Lazada platform, coocaa aims to use upcoming promotions to enhance its brand reputation and user trust. To sweeten the deal further, coocaa has numerous incentives planned for those who take advantage of Lazada’s 517 Brand Day. With up to 50% off on select items across the online store, over a hundred gifts are ready and waiting to be claimed. Each of these special offers marks a truly once-in-a-year opportunity heralded by this annual event.

As the countdown begins, coocaa stands ready to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience that transcends the ordinary. Lazada’s 517 Vietnam Brand Day is an opportunity not to be missed, offering a chance to enjoy exclusive deals and experience unparalleled savings. Visit our website:https://bit.ly/3QHtCm3 and be ready to embrace the excitement and make the most of this exceptional event.

Source : Grand Promotion of coocaa TV Kicks Off

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