SUZHOU, China, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as i-Battery) joins the Long Duration Energy Storage Council (hereinafter referred to as LDES) as the First Chinese Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Manufacturer Member, solidifying i-Battery’s positioning as a long-duration energy storage sector innovator.

i-Battery is dedicated to long-duration energy storage technology innovation and specializes in Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technologies. Its mission is to accelerate China’s transition to a new energy system dominated by renewable sources and facilitate the country’s energy structure transformation through the industrialization of long-duration energy storage technology.

The core team at i-Battery has strong technical capabilities, with each member bringing over a decade of rich experience in long-duration energy storage. They are dedicated to developing and producing proprietary products and new materials.

The company has achieved continuous breakthroughs and optimizations in flow battery’s core technologies and procedures. With its focus on unique stack design, i-Battery has been independently developing electrolyte formula and preparation technology, and advancing engineering systems and loT cloud platforms. While improving the quality and performance of its energy storage products, i-Battery has also effectively improved cost-effectiveness. In addition, the company attaches great importance to integrating the entire industry chain to ensure close cooperation from raw material procurement to production, achieving large-scale, intelligent production of a new generation of energy storage products that are “long-duration, low-cost, extremely safe, and more flexible.”

i-Battery’s main products include the i-Crane series and the i-Pheonix series for the commercial and industrial users, and the i-Dove series for residential users.

Feng Yong, Founder and CEO, stated, “Joining the LDES Council highlights our commitment to advancing long-duration energy storage, which is crucial for accelerating the global transition to renewable energy. As we strive to achieve ambitious climate targets without relying on nuclear or conventional-based electricity supply, long-duration energy storage solutions are indispensable. By leveraging our inherent safe, long-life storage technology within the LDES Council, we aim to continuously provide zero-carbon electricity for a better world and contribute to a more sustainable future for the global community.”

With i-Battery’s membership in the LDES Council, it expects to see more innovation and collaboration driving the widespread adoption of liquid flow battery technology globally, making a significant contribution to the energy transition and sustainable development.

Source : i-Battery Joins LDES Council as the First Chinese Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Manufacturer Member

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