BRUSSELS, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) applauds the EU Parliament’s decision to adopt the EU AI Act, a significant milestone in establishing responsible AI regulation in the European Union.

The EU AI Act provides a much-needed framework for ensuring transparency, accountability, and human oversight in developing and deploying AI technologies. While important work must be done to ensure the Act is successfully implemented, IBM believes the regulation will foster trust and confidence in AI systems while promoting innovation and competitiveness.

“I commend the EU for its leadership in passing comprehensive, smart AI legislation. The risk-based approach aligns with IBM’s commitment to ethical AI practices and will contribute to building open and trustworthy AI ecosystems,” said Christina Montgomery, Vice President and Chief Privacy & Trust Officer at IBM. “IBM stands ready to lend our technology and expertise – including our watsonx.governance product – to help our clients and other stakeholders comply with the EU AI Act and upcoming legislation worldwide so we can all unlock the incredible potential of responsible AI.”

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Source : Media Alert: IBM Applauds EU Parliament's Approval of the EU AI Act

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