SINGAPORE, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Planet Environmental Solutions announces the appointment of Ms. Naina Subberwal Batra as an Independent Director to its Board. With over two decades of high-level experience in matters of impact ecosystem, social investing, sustainability, and ESG. Her appointment to the board is expected to significantly help in carrying forward the company’s mission of being a custodian of the environment.

Ms. Batra has had an illustrious career, being on the advisory boards for the SDG Impact Finance Initiative and is currently serving on the boards of the Menzies Foundation and the Global Resilient Cities Network. She is also a Trustee at the Bridge Institute. She was the former Chairperson of the International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC). Currently, she is the CEO of AVPN, the largest network of social investors in Asia. Under her leadership since 2013, AVPN’s membership has grown four-fold and her strategic vision has expanded the focus of AVPN from venture philanthropy to include the entire continuum of capital for an inclusive social investors ecosystem.

In her new role at Blue Planet, Ms. Batra would apply her extensive background to help the company strengthen its mission by building partnerships focusing on environmental sustainability and responsible business operations. Her appointment is expected to galvanize like-minded corporates to step up on environmentally sustainable practices. She will focus on encouraging corporates to adopt circularity, and sustainability as a core value and effective financing to meet sustainability and ESG objectives. In order to support Blue Planet’s operations globally, Ms. Batra would play a pivotal role in strengthening ESG practices, forging alliances and partnerships, and facilitating global expansion plans, among other strategic initiatives.

Ms. Batra said, “Joining the Blue Planet Board is a motivating opportunity. As climate change and environmental threats intensify, collaborative innovation becomes essential to secure a sustainable future with lower carbon emissions. Blue Planet’s commitment to zero waste, decarbonization, and circularity aligns perfectly with the solutions needed for a sustainable future. I look forward to making a significant impact with Blue Planet for the benefit of both people and the planet.”

The appointment of Ms. Batra indicates Blue Planet’s focus on adding sustainable practices to a corporate framework. She comes with a consummate performance in social investing.

“We are excited to welcome Ms. Naina Subberwal Batra onto our Board,” said Mr. Prashant Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Blue Planet. “Her leadership, global experience, networks, and knowledge will help us concretize our strategic vision and build collaborations that have a focus on environmental sustainability. We will work towards clean growth and a sustainable future by bringing together philanthropy, government, investors, and civil society”

About Blue Planet

Founded in 2017, Blue Planet is a Singapore headquartered company pioneering regional sustainability through technology-driven and IP-based end-to-end solutions for waste management and upcycling. The company has successfully created an innovative technology driven end-to-end waste management platform. The mission is to apply these technologies across various stages of the waste life cycle. Blue Planet is committed to provide circular economy solutions and achieve its vision of zero waste to landfill.

To learn more about Blue Planet, visit:

About AVPN

AVPN is the largest network of social investors in Asia, comprising over 600 funders and resource providers across 33 markets. Our mission is to increase the flow and effectiveness of financial, human, and intellectual capital in Asia by enabling members to channel resources towards impact. As an ecosystem builder, AVPN enables its members to connect, learn, act, and lead social impact efforts across key pillars while improving the effectiveness of deployed capital, bringing local field needs, regional expertise, and policy insights to the forefront.

For more information about AVPN, please visit website and read the latest Annual Review 2022/23.


Source : Naina Subberwal Batra joins as a New Board Member of Blue Planet

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