SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Parenting is a beautiful journey that demands love, care, and efficiency. Balancing work and family in today’s fast-paced world can be overwhelming, especially in ensuring the safety of your little ones. Enter Paris Rhône! With a century of experience in user-friendly home appliances, we proudly present our new 2K HD Video Baby Monitor with a smart app. Let us make your parenting journey smoother and safer, whether near or far.

Explore the standout features of Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor and get ready to embark on this wonderful adventure with newfound confidence and ease!

2K HD Crisp Picture Quality
The cutting-edge 2K resolution allows you to see your little one’s every move and expression with stunning clarity. Experience the joy of watching your baby sleep soundly or play with vivid detail and crisp images. Plus, with up to 256G SD card storage, the Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor captures your baby’s precious moments like first crawl, first standing up, and first words, so you will never miss a milestone of your baby’s growth and development.

A Multitasking Marvel for Busy Moms
Imagine this scenario – you’re in the kitchen preparing a meal while simultaneously keeping an eye on your toddlers at play in the living room. Thanks to the split-screen viewing feature, the Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor allows you to monitor both of your little ones even if they’re in separate rooms, by viewing two feeds at once, guaranteeing your little ones’ safety while effortlessly managing household tasks.

Advanced Sound & Motion Tracking
Built-in high-precision sensor, the Paris Rhône 2K HD Baby Monitor will alert you immediately on your smartphone and monitor screen when detecting your baby’s motion or cries, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are always connected to your baby.

Smart App Control
The smart app offers greater convenience and flexibility, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one at all times, even when you’re in the next room or away from home. It also supports a range of thoughtful features, including instant alerts, two-way audio communication, three-person remote voice calls, adjustable camera angles, video recording, photo capture, lullaby playback, night light customization, 2K HD resolution app display, and more, all of which enhance your overall monitoring experience.

Clear Night Vision
Say goodbye to the struggles of turning on lights and risking waking your little one. Equipped with invisible infrared light, the Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor enables you to easily check on your baby in the middle of the night with a clear view, so their peaceful sleep remains undisturbed.

More Smart Features
Experience virtual closeness with the three-person remote voice call feature on the smart app, keeping you connected with your baby and loved ones from anywhere. Enjoy crystal-clear two-way communication, eco-friendly long-lasting battery, and advanced security with AES-128 encryption for peace of mind. Never miss a feeding with the convenient reminder, monitor real-time temperature and humidity, set personalized night lights, and play soothing lullabies for a cozy sleep environment.

Maggie Ma, Vice President of Paris Rhône, stated, ‘We’re dedicated to assisting parents with family challenges. Our new 2K HD Video Baby Monitor combines top technology, premium materials, and innovative features to deliver a high-performance solution ensuring unrivaled safety, convenience, and peace of mind for parents.’

The Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor is now available on the official Paris Rhône website. Use the codes “EARLYBIRD60” to purchase the single camera at the special price of US$99.99. It can also be found on Amazon at US$99.99 with the codes “EARLYBBM20.” Don’t miss out on the exclusive early bird offer!

About Paris Rhône
Since 1915, Paris Rhône has been dedicated to innovating user-friendly household appliances that enrich customers’ lives globally. Embodying “Bettering Your Life,” Paris Rhône excels in baby monitoring solutions like the advanced 2K HD Video Baby Monitor, simplifying childcare for new parents. Enter a new parenting era with Paris Rhône’s intelligent monitors and treasure every moment with your little ones. To learn more, please visit

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Source : Paris Rhône Elevates Parenting Experience with the 2K HD Video Baby Monitor – Redefining Peace of Mind for Modern Parents

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