TAIPEI, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Primax Electronics and IAdea have officially announced their strategic partnership to invest in and develop cutting-edge smart meeting solutions. This collaboration aims to position both companies as leaders in the smart conference ecosystem. Primax has long been dedicated to visual, audio, and interface integration technologies. With its strong manufacturing capabilities and AI development experience, the company provides customers with high-quality products. Meanwhile, IAdea is spearheading business development for white-label, fast time-to-market products.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 market report, the video conferencing devices market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 16.8% to reach US$7.7 billion by 2028. As businesses increasingly seek to enhance meeting efficiency and reduce costs, new market opportunities will emerge through the integration of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing in smart meeting management.

IAdea focuses on smart workplace system integration and product development. Its cloud-based smart meeting device management (MDM) solution enables IT administrators to remotely manage, monitor, and troubleshoot devices via a centralized platform. IAdea’s security-enhanced embedded platforms benefits businesses by improving device manageability, extending equipment lifespan, and reducing IT management and deployment costs.

Primax specializes in the development and manufacturing of visual, audio, and interface integration technologies. Through continuous innovation and R&D efforts, Primax applies its advanced technologies to a range of audio and video conferencing products, ensuring high-quality meeting solutions that meet customer demands for top-tier performance and reliability. Together, IAdea and Primax are committed to infusing more innovation and value into smart meeting solutions.

John Wang, CEO and co-founder of IAdea, states, “In the post-pandemic era, businesses face numerous challenges introduced by flexible work arrangements. We are excited to combine IAdea’s expertise in smart workplace AIoT and cloud platforms with Primax’s leading manufacturing capabilities and audio/visual/interface technologies to launch smart meeting products with cloud-based management and security features. This will add tremendous value to Taiwan’s electronic industry and allow the partnership to tap into emerging market opportunities.”

Janet Wang, Senior Director at Primax, states “Primax is committed to providing customers with a one-stop integrated video conferencing solution. Through advanced manufacturing and a professional R&D team, combined with IAdea’s cloud management system, we are creating an integrated video conferencing solution from the cloud to the edge to meet various customer needs. Primax focuses on every detail, from high-quality imaging and acoustics to advanced edge AI computing, ensuring exceptional performance and an immersive user experience.”

About Primax

Primax Electronics is a leading integrated solutions supplier for information products, smart lifestyle and auto/AIoT products. Our product applications expand into public / community safety and auto electronics segments. Primax core technologies integrates 3 senses in 1 (interface, visual, and audio) applications, providing one-stop shopping service for our customers. Primax has been the best business partner for global brands by offering exceptional mechanical and electronic engineering services, strong integration capabilities and total solutions with its wide array of technologies.

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Founded in 2000, IAdea is an award-winning leader in enterprise-grade AIoT systems with products ranging from room management panels, desk booking devices, signage players, to device management software. IAdea powers more than 1,000,000 displays globally with the majority of deployments in corporate workplaces, retail applications, and public infrastructure. System integrators and enterprise users rely on IAdea’s robust and secure joint solution to increase operational productivity and improve user experience. Visit¬†for more info.

Source : Primax and IAdea Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Smart Meeting Solutions

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