Asia Pacific’s Fastest Growing DMC and Event Management Company Partners with EarthCheck, World’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Company

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REALM Events, a leading event planning and management firm in Asia Pacific committed to excellence and sustainability, is delighted to unveil a series of pioneering partnerships aimed at enabling businesses to tap into sustainable supply chain solutions. These strategic alliances encompass collaborations with community-driven social enterprises across Asia and include partnerships with companies such as EarthCheck, the world’s leading certification, consulting and advisory group for sustainable destinations and tourism. Together, these partnerships underscore REALM Events’ unwavering dedication to driving positive environmental and social transformation within the corporate event sector.

REALM Events Paves Way for Sustainable Supply Chains through Innovative Partnerships
REALM Events Paves Way for Sustainable Supply Chains through Innovative Partnerships

"Our partnerships with community-led social enterprises across Asia Pacific and our alliance with companies such as EarthCheck signify a step forward in our mission to make sustainability an integral part of the corporate event industry," said Selina Sinclair, CEO of Realm Events. "These collaborations reflect our commitment to empowering local communities and enabling our clients to host events that align with eco-conscious values."

EarthCheck CEO and Founder Stewart Moore, noted, "We are excited to partner with REALM Events to drive sustainability in the event industry. Together, we will provide corporate clients with the knowledge and tools needed to create meaningful, sustainable event experiences that meet global standards and support increasing requirements for regulatory reporting."

Key highlights of the sustainable supply chain partnership include:

  • Community-Led Social Enterprises: REALM Events has partnered with community-led social enterprises across Asia Pacific, with a shared vision of promoting locally sourced products that give back to the communities where events are being held. These partnerships empower local communities while fostering sustainable sourcing practices for corporate clients.
  • Empowering Local Communities: By engaging with community-led initiatives, REALM Events ensures that corporate clients can contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the communities where they operate. This approach promotes economic empowerment, job creation and environmentally responsible supply chain practices.
  • Strategic Alliance with EarthCheck: In a significant move, REALM Events has established a strategic alliance with EarthCheck, a global leader in sustainable tourism and environmental management. This partnership enables REALM Events to provide its corporate clients with a comprehensive framework for implementing sustainable event practices, including guidelines for eco-conscious event planning and execution.
  • Eco-Conscious Event Practices: Through EarthCheck’s expertise and REALM Events’ commitment, corporate clients can access sustainable event practices that prioritize environmental responsibility, reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint of their events.

Through these partnerships, REALM Events has made a substantial stride in its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The company is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the event industry by integrating sustainability into both the supply chain and event planning processes in Asia Pacific.

About REALM Events 

REALM Events is a premier event planning and execution firm renowned for its expertise in delivering exceptional events across Asia Pacific. The firm has a strong focus on supporting its clients in creating a sustainable supply chain in parts of the world less known to them. For more information, please visit

Source : REALM Events Paves Way for Sustainable Supply Chains through Innovative Partnerships

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