Sengenics Partners with Shanghai Universal Biotech Co., Ltd. (UniV) to Expand Reach of Immunoprofiling Products and Services in China

BOSTON, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sengenics Corporation LLC, a pioneer in the field of immunoproteomic biomarker discovery, proudly announces that it has entered into a sales distribution and services agreement with Chinese distributor Shanghai Universal Biotech Co., Ltd. (“UniV”). This agreement marks a significant step in expanding the reach of Sengenics’ KREX® technology in Asia, bringing advanced capabilities for profiling autoantibodies and protein interactions to a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions throughout China.

“Sengenics is thrilled to partner with UniV, which has a reputation for excellence and an expert team of skilled technical and commercial specialists,” said Jerry Williamson, Chief Executive Officer of Sengenics. “This collaboration isn’t just about expanding our reach in Asia; it’s about bringing the transformative power of immunoprofiling to enhance our understanding of disease and improve patient care.”

Echoing this sentiment, Yin Zhou, VP of Marketing at UniV remarked, “As a comprehensive multiomics and multiplex distributor and service company, we are committed to the frontier of biomarker discovery. This strategic partnership with Sengenics, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for autoantibody biomarker discovery, underscores our dedication to advancing biomarker discovery, driving translational medicine, and contributing to human health.”

Sengenics and UniV are committed to enriching the immunoprofiling field, exploring new markets, and broadening the reach of the innovative KREX® technology to serve a wider community of researchers and clinicians.

About Sengenics
Sengenics is an immunoproteomics company working to improve patient outcomes through physiologically relevant, data-guided decision making. Our solutions enable the discovery and validation of antibody biomarker signatures for patient stratification, therapeutic response prediction and development of companion diagnostics. Sengenics Corporation LLC is headquartered in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA and has offices worldwide. Sengenics has more than 50 employees across its current locations.

About Shanghai Universal Biotech Co., Ltd.
Established in 2004, Shanghai Universal Biotech Co., Ltd. (UniV, Stock code: 301166) is a leading antibody supplier dedicated to advancing life science innovation. With a vast network of 26 offices and 10 sales subsidiaries in China, UniV is on a mission to become the go-to distributor for life sciences, providing an extensive catalog of over 7 million antibody-based reagents, consumables, instruments, software, customization, laboratory services and supply chain services. Expanding its research and development capabilities, UniV inaugurated the Nanjing R&D Center in 2018 and the Hangzhou R&D Center in 2021. It also invested in a GMP-level production center in Nanjing in 2021 to meet the needs of industrial customers in the life sciences sector. 

Investor Contact
Jerry Williamson, President & CEO, Sengenics Corporation


Source : Sengenics Corporation Announces Key Distributor in China

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