NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global creative platform offering high-quality creative content for transformative brands, digital media and marketing companies, today announced new creative AI-powered editing features and the potential for infinite options to refine and perfect images available in the company’s high-quality library of more than 700 million stock images.

Shutterstock's creative AI-powered editing features provide infinite options to refine and perfect images available in the company’s high-quality library of more than 700 million stock images.
Shutterstock’s creative AI-powered editing features provide infinite options to refine and perfect images available in the company’s high-quality library of more than 700 million stock images.

"This is an unprecedented offering in the stock photography industry," said Paul Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer for Shutterstock. "Now, creatives have everything they need to craft the perfect content for any project with AI-powered design capabilities that you can use to edit stock images within Shutterstock’s library, presenting infinite possibilities to make stock your own."

Now in beta, Shutterstock’s creative AI editing features leverage the company’s priority access to the latest OpenAI technology supporting the integration of synthetic editing capabilities. This allows Shutterstock customers to not just generate new content using AI, but also to simply edit and transform any image in the entire Shutterstock library to accelerate ideation and production.

"Shutterstock was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between photographers and the creative professionals who want to license their content," continued Hennessy. "This new offering will bring our customers one step closer to their desired creative, as if they were directing the photoshoot themselves."

With six signature capabilities, additional secondary features like a virtual AI design assistant and the most advanced filters available in the industry, as well as additional features expected to launch at a later date, Shutterstock’s creative AI editing suite will empower brands, digital media, and marketing companies to unlock transformative possibilities in content creation and ideation. Shutterstock will give a live demo of these features on November 9 during the Shutterstock Showcase: Creative AI virtual series.

Signature capabilities include:

  • Magic Brush: Magically modify an image by brushing over the areas you’d like to change and simply describing what you want to add, replace or erase
  • Variations: Generate alternate options of any stock or AI-generated image
  • Expand Image: Broaden the view of any image, as easily as if zooming out through a camera lens, to see more of the scene behind the central image
  • Smart Resize: Automatically change the shape of your image to match the dimensions you need
  • Background Remover: Remove or replace the background with any scene when the subject of an image is perfect, but the background is not
  • AI Image Generator: Launched in beta earlier this year and soon to be updated with the latest version of Dall-E, this tool allows anyone to create high-quality, ethically-sourced visuals in seconds (ready for licensing and indemnifiable for commercial use) by simply describing what they are looking for

Artists will be compensated if their images are licensed after editing. However, in alignment with Shutterstock’s Contributor Account and Content Submission Guidelines, AI-generated or edited content will not be accepted as a submission for licensing on the platform to further ensure the protection of contributor IP and proper compensation of artists.

The launch of Shutterstock’s creative AI editing suite follows several strategic steps the company has taken as one of the leading innovators bringing ethical and responsible AI advancements to the creative industry. Shutterstock also recently joined the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), through which the company will support the CAI’s goal of addressing the prevalence of misleading information online through the implementation of technical standards for certifying the source and history of media content by integrating Content Credentials. Shutterstock intends to integrate the CAI’s underlying Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard into its AI capabilities and various creativity tools, including its DALL·E-powered AI Image Generator and suite of AI-powered applications to further protect its users with verifiable and tamper-evident information across all forms of content. With Content Credentials, this will include ensuring each asset is certified with secure metadata about its creation, authorship and edit history.

About Shutterstock, Inc.
Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK) is a premier partner for transformative brands, digital media and marketing companies, empowering the world to create with confidence. Fueled by millions of creators around the world, a growing data engine and a fearless approach to product innovation, Shutterstock is the leading global platform for licensing from the most extensive and diverse collection of high-quality 3D models, videos, music, photographs, vectors and illustrations. From the world’s largest content marketplace, to breaking news and A-list entertainment editorial access, to all-in-one content editing platform and studio production service—all using the latest in innovative technology—Shutterstock offers the most comprehensive selection of resources to bring storytelling to life.

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Source : Shutterstock Integrates Creative AI into Library of 700M Images to Offer First-Ever Marketplace of Fully Customizable Stock

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