• New advanced security features on e-bikes and SINBON’s app help riders track their vehicle and keep it safe.
  • Latest solutions and app capabilities are strengthening SINBON as a one-stop-shop for electric city and road bike makers, covering components, firmware, and software integration services.
  • For further motor options, the company is launching its through-axle rear hub motor.

FRANKFURT, Germany, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SINBON, a Taiwan-based electronic interconnect design and integration service provider, is announcing ahead of Eurobike 2024 the launch of its latest electric bike solutions — an all-new Tracking and Alert System accessible via its e-bike app and the addition of a through-axle rear hub motor option for e-bike makers. Aiming to strengthen the connection between riders and e-bikes, the company will attend EuroBike 2024 (July 3-7), displaying its full range of capabilities as a one-stop-shop for e-bike solutions and services — including these new solutions and fully customizable software for e-bike makers to provide their riders.

SINBON will attend EuroBike 2024 (July 3-7). You ride it, we connect it.
SINBON will attend EuroBike 2024 (July 3-7). You ride it, we connect it.

To explore SINBON’s one-stop-shop for e-bike solutions, please visit Hall 9.1, Booth C10, during EuroBike 2024 (July 3-7, Frankfurt, Germany).

“We focus heavily on sustainability and smart transportation, so we are thrilled to be growing and diversifying how we serve the e-bike industry,” comments Barrie Ryan, General Manager at SINBON Europe. “With a theme this year of You Ride It, We Connect It, we are emphasizing  connections — our specialty. In addition to connecting e-bikes to chargers and interconnecting the industry, we are heavily focused on strengthening the connection between riders and their e-bikes — and now adding protections for such a valuable asset.”

Tracking and Alert System for e-bike security

Embracing an integrated approach to e-bike solutions and services, SINBON offers e-bike makers a fully customizable e-bike app and E-Bike Maintenance System.

As part of the app and on-vehicle technology, the new Tracking and Alert System offers:

  • Real-time monitoring of location via GPS
  • Phone alerts when an e-bike is moved or stolen
  • An alarm system for attempted thefts
  • Support for iOS and Android, as well as for the iOS-based AirTag for further tracking capabilities

Illustrating the importance SINBON places on post-sales services and support, the E-Bike Maintenance System is an all-in-one software solution that helps riders keep better track of maintenance needs while also facilitating upkeep for bike technicians.

Innovative new rear hub motor

Expanding SINBON’s Chariot line of e-bike motors, the brand is launching a through-axle rear hub motor and motor controller that will provide further drive options for e-bike makers. This latest cutting-edge motor delivers:

  • Quick release functionality: Ensures easy installation and removal, allowing riders to replace or repair parts with minimal downtime.
  • Reduced failure rate: Overall reliability of the e-bike is enhanced, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions and extending motor lifespan.
  • Stiffness and strength: Offers superior structural integrity, which translates to better performance and durability, especially on rough terrains.

A one-stop-shop for e-bike makers

For electric city and road bike brands alike, SINBON combines robust experience in electronic manufacturing with a worldwide footprint across Europe, the US, and Asia, ensuring riders benefit from its signature blend of state-of-the-art technology, customer-centric service, rapid deployment, and customized solutions tailored to local customer needs.

Beyond offering bespoke connectors and cable solutions, SINBON has a wide range of solutions and services that make it a one-stop-shop for the e-bike industry — spanning components, Display and control unit, Motor Controller, firmware software integration and Design Quality Engineering services — with global manufacturing footprints and a particular focus on post-sales services that ensure customer success.

About SINBON Electronics

Established in 1989 in Taiwan, SINBON Electronics is a leading provider of integrated design and production services of bespoke interconnect solutions. Thanks to its expertise in the e-mobility field, SINBON’s solutions improve overall sustainability and help address one of the largest global challenges, climate change. Currently, the group is expanding their know-how and experiences from the standardized automotive applications into more bespoke markets such as autonomous and micro-mobility applications.

To learn more about SINBON’s services, please visit https://www.sinbon.com/ or follow on LinkedIn.

Source : SINBON Is Strengthening Connections Between Rider & E-Bike at Eurobike 2024

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