HANOI, Vietnam, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — coocaa Technology proudly presents Frame+ TV LN7000G, a masterpiece born from the convergence of global intelligent manufacturing and the exquisite skills of professional engineers to carefully polish the unique leader in the industry. More than just a television, Frame+ TV serves as a gateway to seamlessly integrate art into everyday life, which is within reach and fascinating. Frame+ TV pursues not only simple visual shock, but also a profound spiritual resonance, integrating art into daily life.

Frame+ TV LN7000G adopts coocaa’s “5G+8K flexible smart factory”, which is a typical case in the field of 5G+ industrial Internet. Supported by automation, information management, and intelligent production lines, this factory optimizes productivity, quality, and flexibility. Through integrated control of the production process, advanced automated equipment, and intelligent systems, Frame+ TV achieves enhanced manufacturing efficiency and transparency. This ensures rapid adjustments to market demand, maintaining coocaa’s commitment to excellence.

The quality certification system of coocaa factory is even more rigorous. Having won multiple quality product system certifications, coocaa has integrated the world’s most stringent German standards into its own standard system to ensure the excellent quality of its products. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence and reinforce consumer trust.

coocaa Frame+ TV LN7000G —— The perfect fusion of art and technology
coocaa Frame+ TV LN7000G —— The perfect fusion of art and technology

But Frame+ TV LN7000G is more than just a triumph of engineering—it is a work of art in its own right. The 30mm ultra-thin design and integrated body, which is less than one-third of the industry’s thickness, transform the TV from a cold black box into a light and artistic masterpiece, pursuing the ultimate visual experience. Its seamless wall-mounted installation creates the illusion of a real painting adorning the walls. Art mode has become a unique feature of Frame+ TV. Through functions such as art gallery, atmospheric space and family photo album, users can immerse themselves in the ocean of art in the home environment and create their own private art gallery.

In a world dominated by technology, Frame+ TV serves as a beacon of innovation and creativity, inviting consumers on a journey of artistic discovery to reimagine what is possible in home entertainment. During Shopee’s big promotion on April 4th, those who purchase Frame+ TV LN7000G will not only receive free art frames, racks and floor-standing electric fans, but also have surprise offers. More please visit https://bit.ly/3IRQcUN 

Source : Smart technology pioneer coocaa launches high-quality Frame+ TV to easily integrate art into daily life

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