SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — STARmed, a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices for tumor ablation, today announced global market expansion of its EUSRA and ELRA products, through Olympus, a global MedTech company based in Japan.

EUSRA and ELRA products had been distributed by Taewoong Medical Co., Ltd., a Korean manufacturer of gastrointestinal medical devices. With the completion of Olympus’ acquisition of Taewoong Medical, Olympus has become a global distribution partner of STARmed‘s EUSRA and ELSA products. This will enable STARmed to accelerate its global market expansion and provide better healthcare to patients around the world.

“Taewoong Medical becoming an Olympus group company is also a major milestone in our global growth strategy,” said Henry Shin, CEO of STARmed. “We look forward to our products being made available to more patients through Olympus’ global distribution network.”

“We recognize STARmed’s EUSRA and ELRA products as well-received and high-quality products,” said Mike Callaghan, Vice President, General Manager of GI EndoTherapy at Olympus. “Moving forward, we will further strengthen our position in this market, strive to elevate the standard of care, and in turn, offer new hope to patients and healthcare providers around the world.”  

About EUSRA and ELRA

EUSRA is an endoscopic ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation system that is used to ablate accessible lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. ELRA is an endoluminal radiofrequency ablation system that is used to improve the symptoms of patients with bile duct strictures.

About STARmed Co., Ltd.

STARmed Co., Ltd is a South Korean-based medical device manufacturer specializing in thermal ablation technology. With a focus on radiofrequency ablation generators and electrodes, the company has gained global recognition for its innovative solutions and commitment to improving patient outcomes. STARmed’s mission is to maintain high levels of innovation, knowledge, and technical expertise to provide solutions for patients’ comfort and improve the quality of their lives.

Source : STARmed to Accelerate Global Market Entry of EUSRA and ELRA Products through Olympus

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