DEZHOU, China, June 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “Thanks to your guidance, it only took 10 days to power up our new factory.” said Sun, the workshop manager of Shandong Qishi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., to the customer manager of the Marketing Department of State Grid Shandong Yucheng Power Supply Company who is here to provide services.

The high-performance spray quick setting waterproof and anti-corrosion coating project of Shandong Qishi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a key project concerning the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in 2024. Polymer self-assembly technology is employed in this project to overcome the problem of instantaneous one-time film-forming of water-based coatings. This is a globally leading technology in this field with a entire chain of water-based environmental protection from production to construction, realizing full life-span cycle protection for buildings. Compared with other congeneric products, the carbon emission in this technique is reduced by more than 47%, which promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction in architectural materials industry. Thus the company effectively implements our country’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality action plan, and simultaneously brings great economic and social benefits.

After learning about the new project of Shandong Qishi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., State Grid Yucheng Power Supply Company took the initiative to contact this customer and provide precise electricity consulting services to ensure the company’s electricity usage and sense of satisfaction. Yucheng Power Supply Company incorporates enterprise assistance services into the normalized management of high-quality services with a joint service model. A “1+N” service team is formed by customer managers and professional personnel in development, inspection, and scheduling sections, providing whole process tracking services from technical consultation to acceptance and power supply. Based on the electricity needs of customers, the power grid structure was optimized in advance, and a customized electricity plan was made with the coordination of the Chief Customer Manager. So it only took 10 days to add the customer’s electricity capacity with one 1250 kVA and one 250 kVA transformer. The electricity supply process is simplified and accelerated and the work efficiency is greatly improved, so the customer gets access to electricity quite easily and rapidly with great satisfaction.

This year, the State Grid Yucheng Power Supply Company has been continuously tracking the implementation of seven green, low-carbon, and high-quality development projects in Yucheng, Shandong Province,  providing related on-site services actively. The company adheres to the standard of ” enterprise’s evaluation comes first and people’s satisfaction comes first”, with the goal of “enhancing the standardization, convenience, transparency, reliability, and user satisfaction of power supply”. Therefore, the quality of services is continuously improved, the power business environment is continuously optimized, and the customer’s “electricity accessibility” need is fully met. The company serves as a leading electric power provider for these major projects, providing reliable power guarantees for regional green, low-carbon, and high-quality development.

Source : State Grid Shandong Yucheng Power Supply Company: supporting Green, Low Carbon, and High Quality Development to Reach a New Speed

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