Thailand’s inbound spending during Chinese New Year is projected to rise by 44.3% according to data from Group. Longer trips beyond Southeast Asia and increased booking windows are contributing factors. Group Data Shows 44.3% Rise in Spending for Thailand during Chinese New Year Group, a prominent global travel service provider, has released projections indicating a 44.3% increase in total spending for inbound bookings in Thailand during this year’s Chinese New Year (CNY) compared to the CNY period in 2023. The data also reveals a significant rise in expenditure for outbound travellers, with an increase of 70.8%.

Asian Tourists Opting for Longer Trips

The surge in spending can be attributed to Southeast Asian tourists opting for longer trips, extending beyond the usual destinations within Southeast Asia for the 2024 Chinese New Year period. In the past year, 72% of Chinese New Year travel stayed within Southeast Asia, compared to just over half (50.2%) of travelers venturing to more distant destinations.

Lengthened Booking Windows and Theme Park Popularity

The data also showcases two key trends cutting across various markets – the lengthening of booking windows and the popularity of theme parks. Travellers are now planning their trips further in advance, with booking windows for trips originating from Thailand more than quadrupling from nine days to 40 days this CNY, compared to last year. Additionally, theme parks are the top choice for tourists from Southeast Asia, with attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan being the top picks.

Source : Thailand sees 44.3% jump in spending for inbound Chinese New Year (CNY) bookings

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