ORLANDO, Fla., May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tompkins Robotics, a leader in innovative robotics automation solutions, today announced the launch of a new set of integrated software applications, the Transcend Robotics Execution Platform. The Transcend platform represents an expanded suite of software applications, including Transcend Orchestrate, Transcend Connect, and Transcend Mobile, which together will further power the company’s robotics automation solutions. This launch marks a significant evolution in Tompkins Robotics’ commitment to deliver stable, cost-effective robotics automation solutions to customers worldwide. 

Tompkins Robotics Transcend Robotics Execution Platform
Tompkins Robotics Transcend Robotics Execution Platform

“We are incredibly excited to bring the Transcend software platform to the market,” said Mike Futch, Chief Executive Officer at Tompkins Robotics. “At Tompkins Robotics, our mission is to deliver innovative robotic solutions to solve the most challenging supply chain problems, and from our years of experience in helping customers achieve their automation goals, we know with certainty that software is the key. Launching these new products today will enable us to bring the next generation of robotic automation solutions to our customers.” 

Transcend Orchestrate, Transcend Connect, and Transcend Mobile combine to offer a functional and stable software system, powering critical pharmaceutical sortation solutions, high-demand e-commerce operations, as well as parcel and store replenishment systems. Formerly named “tWES,” the Transcend Orchestrate application powers the company’s flagship tSort automation solution. Transcend Connect builds upon years of experience deploying tSort solutions and is a fully configurable integration platform. More than a simple integration layer, Transcend Connect is a key component bridging robotics solutions and customer systems, enabling improved business efficiency and increased operational scale. And finally, Transcend Mobile brings a modern mobile experience to customers.

“Transcend represents a leap forward in robotics automation software,” said Bill Pelzar, Chief Technology Officer at Tompkins Robotics. “By combining our extensive experience with industry-leading technology, we’ve created a solution that goes above and beyond traditional warehouse execution software offerings, meeting the needs of today’s warehouses and fulfillment centers while also anticipating future challenges.”

For more information about Transcend and Tompkins Robotics, please visit www.tompkinsrobotics.com.

About Tompkins Robotics
Founded in 2017, Tompkins Robotics is a global leader in robotic sortation solutions for distribution and fulfillment operations. Building on momentum from the award-winning tSort robotic sortation solution, the company continues to develop innovative robotic solutions to solve the most challenging supply chain problems. For more information, please visit www.tompkinsrobotics.com.

Lee Ann Vallerga
Marketing Director
Tompkins Robotics

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Source : Tompkins Robotics Announces Transcend Robotics Execution Platform

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