SINGAPORE, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taki Games, the leading player-owned web3 mobile gaming network, proudly announces its rebrand to Unite. This strategic move marks the launch of the first Layer 3 blockchain dedicated to seamlessly supporting mass-market web3 mobile games.

Two years ago, Taki introduced its first decentralized application, Taki Social, and built a robust community around it. Recently, the Taki community ventured into web3 gaming, achieving remarkable growth and market demand. Since January 2024, Taki’s gaming dApps have seen the creation of over 170,000 new unique wallets, the release of more than 100 games and mini-game collections, over 5 million downloads, and more than 300,000 monthly active users. These games and users are migrating to Unite.

Taki’s rebranding to Unite stems from recognizing the current infrastructure limitations in web3 mobile game development, such as high gas fees and network congestion. These issues hinder real-time data interactions and on-chain validation, resulting in poor web3 mobile dApp experiences and challenges for developers using traditional game development tools. To address these challenges, Unite aims to share its web3 game development expertise and tools with the broader community, transforming these best practices into vital steps towards web3’s first mass-market adoption.

Under the new Unite brand, these best practices and tools will be integrated into a comprehensive end-to-end Layer 3 blockchain solution for mass-market mobile games. Unite symbolizes the unification of stakeholders within the web3 mobile gaming ecosystem, including players, web3 communities, brands, mobile game developers, monetization partners, advertisers, and channel partners, all working together to drive rapid iteration and growth in web3 mobile gaming.

With over 2.8 billion mobile gamers worldwide and the traditional mobile gaming industry facing growth challenges, there is a significant market opportunity for web3 to welcome billions of new users. The Unite team, leveraging its deep understanding of the mobile gaming industry and web3 technologies, aims to upgrade the mobile gaming sector and achieve broad market scalability for web3.

Unite will gradually release the details of its Layer 3 blockchain solutions for web3 mobile games. These include:

  • Unite blockchain and node components
  • A decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin) centered on mobile devices
  • A seamless web3 mobile game wallet solution SDK
  • Game development service SDKs supporting engines like Unity, Cocos, React Native, Flutter, and HTML5
  • Web3 mobile game publishing, and user growth strategies.

These tools and best practices will significantly enhance web3 mobile gaming experiences, improve game development efficiency, and provide sustainable economic models to expand and increase web3 gaming user bases.

The Unite leadership team boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the gaming industry. Unite CEO Weiwei Geng led the development of top-grossing games that generated over $400 million in revenue. Unite co-founder Kevin Chou is a serial entrepreneur who founded Kabam, known for creating successful mobile game titles like “Marvel Contest of Champions.” Kabam was acquired for $1 billion in 2017 by Korean mobile game giant Netmarble and FoxNext Games, marking one of the largest gaming industry acquisitions of that time.

Unite CEO Weiwei said: “Mobile games are a viable path forward for the mass adoption of web3. We have seen this trend more clearly with our recent success in launching a series of web3 mobile games. However, the current infrastructure limits the growth of such potential. Therefore, we can leverage our team capability and everything we’ve built so far to address these challenges and bring web3 to the mass market.”

As part of its launch, Unite also announces its inaugural in-game reward season in its flagship mobile game, Mom’s Kitchen, boasting over 500,000 downloads world-wide. Players can earn Unite points through gameplay and interactions, which can be redeemed for rewards later. Unite has allocated over $2 million dollar worth of rewards for this event, and players can learn more by following Unite’s community announcements.

About Unite

Unite is on a mission to build the first Layer 3 blockchain solution for mass-market mobile games, targeting the 2.8 billion players and the $90 billion revenue generated from the mobile game market. Focused on enhancing player experience with in-game earning capabilities, Unite offers a comprehensive L3 solution encompassing chain, client, ecosystem and establishing a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin) built on billions of daily active mobile devices worldwide.

Founded by veterans in mobile, gaming and web3 infrastructure who served as founders and executives of some of the biggest names, Unite is leading the innovation to the mobile games.

For more information, visit Unite’s official website, follow us on Twitter, and join the Unite Discord community.

Source : Unite: Leading The Charge in Web3 Gaming With Revolutionary Infrastructure and $2 Million In-Game Airdrop Campaign

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