SYDNEY, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intuitive investment and trading platform moomoo is offering Australian investors the opportunity to experience a limited-time digital event ‘Find Your Trading Power’.

Investors from Australia, the U.S., and Singapore who have used any of the 11 moomoo star features* will be given two chances to vote for their top 3 features through a mini-game experience where they can find their trading ‘superpower’.

From Oct 11 to Oct 15, Australian traders will compete with investors from the US and Singapore to win a share of $200,000USD and 10 million moo points*. So far, over 191,000 moomoo users globally have started their power-up journeys by joining the event

This year also marks moomoo’s sister brand Futu Niuniu’ 11th anniversary, and for 11 years, the company has persisted in its efforts to make investing easier, more accessible, and driven by community.

As a tech-savvy investing platform and one of Australia’s top choices for US trading, moomoo enables Aussie investors to trade more than 15,000 US, AU & HK stocks with AI-powered tools.

Moomoo is favoured among the ‘finfluencer’ community, with several well-known finance educators commenting on tools to support their trading habits.

Stock Moe, a financial educator and internet influencer, loves the Institutional Tracker on moomoo as it provides an ‘inside look’ into how major institutions trade and their investment holding.

"With moomoo’s Institutional Tracker, you’re not just tracking any securities. You’re tracking companies that specialise in this business, getting an insight into their investing strategies- all right from the comfort of your screen," Stock Moe said.

Another loved feature is moomoo’s Heat Map feature visualises industry & sector hotspots, colour-coded to indicate the relative strengths and weaknesses of various sectors so users can visualise market hotspots, industry trends and sector rotation across global markets.

"Moomoo’s Heat Map is like having heat vision goggles for the market, " said David Lin, an internet influencer.

"The data is visualised in different levels of Green and Red to show you what’s rising or falling quickly. You can toggle between parameters like markets, industries, price changes, market cap, time intervals, or turnover. It’s like having a treasure map to the trading universe."

Youtuber Kenan Grace thinks very highly of moomoo’s patented Charting Tools, which provide investors with over 100 indicators and more than 45 drawing tools for free.

Kenan considers moomoo’s Charting Tools as "your very own trading sidekick that fits your trading needs."

Moomoo is committed to driving technological innovation to improve users’ trading experience and continues to bring pro-grade, easy-to-use tools, data, and insights to investors.

The 11 star features are just a few of the main outcomes of moomoo’s significant investments in research and development.

*The top 5,000 participants who placed the most votes will share the $200,000 cash award equally, and the top 1,000 participants inviting the most friends to register and play the game will win a share of 10 million moo points, which can be used to redeem rewards in moomoo’s Rewards Club.


Terms and conditions apply to the ‘Futu 11th Anniversary: Find Your Trading Power’ event ("Promotion T&Cs").  The top 5,000 participants with the highest accumulated vote counts for Moomoo app features will share the US$200,000 prize pool in cash discount coupons, each gets a US$40 stock cash coupon. This coupon is only for buying stocks with and is redeemable solely through a Moomoo AU trading account, without other cash value (T&C applies). Additionally, the top 1,000 participants who ‘invite the most’ can also share 10 million Moomoo points. AFSL 224663. All investments carry risks. To view full Promotion T&Cs, visit

About moomoo

Moomoo supports Australian investors of all backgrounds and experience levels. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to investing and equip users with the tools they need to achieve their goals.
Moomoo’s parent company is Nasdaq Listed (NASDAQ stock code: FUTU). It is a NYSE global strategic partner and is backed by various strategic and venture capital investors including Tencent, BlackRock Inc. and Sequoia Capital.

We believe investing and trading should be simple, seamless and intuitive. Moomoo has access to tools, resources and training to help you get ahead, regardless of your investment experience. Our community can invest in companies that they know and love across Australia, the US and Asia, all with just one app – moomoo.

Whether you are looking to trade or invest in popular US stocks 24 hours a day, five days a week, see what asset management companies (AMCs) are buying and selling, access easy-to-understand company financials, or check analyst ratings, we’ve got you covered. Our free-to-access features allow you to learn from the pros, build your own strategies and leverage AI-powered tools to become a better trader.

Invest in you. Invest in your financial future. Join moomoo; Aussies’ go-to choice for US Stocks.

For more information, please visit moomoo’s official website at or feel free to email:

Source : Unleash Trading Power Through Moomoo's Digital Trading Experience

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