Global funds are increasingly buying Thai equities, indicating investor confidence. Factors like government stimulus, tourism growth, domestic consumption, and favorable valuations suggest potential economic recovery in Thailand.

Investor Interest in Thai Equities

Global funds have recently shown interest in purchasing Thai equities, indicating growing investor confidence in the market. The interest is supported by data suggesting a potential economic recovery in Thailand, driven by government stimulus, growth in tourism, increasing domestic consumption, and favorable valuations.

Drivers of Economic Recovery

For a potential economic recovery in Thailand in the second half of 2024, several key drivers are at play. These include the government’s approval of a significant “digital wallet” stimulus policy, the revival of tourism due to visa waivers for Chinese tourists, and overall positive economic outlook for the country.

Reasons to Invest in Thailand

Besides the current drivers, there are long-term structural factors making Thailand an attractive investment option. These include economic growth potential, recovery in the tourism industry, growing middle class and domestic consumption, government initiatives, and attractive valuations with high dividend yields. Investors can capitalize on these factors through broker access to the Thailand stock exchange or ETFs tracking the Thai stock index.

Source : Is Thailand’s stock market set for a recovery?

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