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Global Expansion and Market Engagement

GS Energy(Ningbo)Power Technology Co.,Ltd (GS Technology), a global leader in smart energy solutions, continue spanning its market presence with significant footprints in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. As of the end of April 2024, the company has participated in six major energy storage exhibitions worldwide, including four international events. The focus in overseas markets has been on promoting household energy storage and charging products, small commercial storage solutions, and comprehensive energy systems. The GS ENERGY brand has solidified its position in major global markets, continually cultivating mainstream overseas markets and exploring new opportunities.

Domestically, GS Technology concentrates on energy storage thermal management solutions, catering to industrial and commercial needs. The launch of the GSCOOL brand marks a significant milestone, drawing considerable interest from industry stakeholders.

Continued Leadership in a Growing Market

The energy storage market continues to grow, with China and Europe leading the way. According to the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA), the installed capacity of new power storage projects in 2023 reached an impressive 52.0 GW, marking a 69.5% increase from the previous year. The combined capacity of China, Europe, and the United States accounts for 88% of the global market, underscoring the strategic importance of these regions.

Despite accounting for only 2% of the global market, regions like the Middle East and Africa have experienced a surge in demand for household energy storage solutions, driven by local energy crises and the high cost-effectiveness of clean energy solutions.

Upcoming Events and Engagements

Looking ahead, GS Technology will continue to showcase its innovations at various prestigious events:

  • Lebanon International Solar Week (LISW), May 16-18
  • SNEC2024 International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition, June 13-15
  • Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, June 19-21

We invite all stakeholders to join us at these events to witness firsthand the cutting-edge solutions that GS Technology offers.

About GS Technology

GS Technology is a global leader in energy storage solutions, committed to providing innovative and sustainable products that meet the needs of today’s dynamic energy market. With a robust presence in both domestic and international markets, GS Technology continues to drive technological advancements and sustainable practices across the industry.

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GS Technology Company & Product Profolio
GS Technology Company & Product Profolio


Source : Win-Win with GS Technology| GS Technology innovates the dual track model of "internal circulation+external circulation"

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