XUZHOU, China, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At its comprehensive testing ground in Jia Wang, Xuzhou, China, XCMG Machinery (SHE:000425, “XCMG”) showcased its latest advancements with over 200 products across 12 categories featuring green, complete set, and intelligent construction equipment solutions. This event highlighted innovative new energy solutions, including signature models like the XE1200GM material handler and XC968-EV electric loader, to over 1,200 invited guests from over 60 countries and regions during the 6th Customer Festival.

XCMG Machinery Demonstrates the Next-Gen Green and Smart Construction Equipment in Xuzhou, China, to 1,200 Invited Guests from Over 60 Countries and Regions.
XCMG Machinery Demonstrates the Next-Gen Green and Smart Construction Equipment in Xuzhou, China, to 1,200 Invited Guests from Over 60 Countries and Regions.

The Company demonstrated a powerful lineup of machinery designed to meet modern construction demands with sustainability at the forefront. These machines represent a significant leap towards reducing carbon footprints in heavy industries.

The demonstration included an efficient pairing of D360 bulldozers with D200H high-drive dozers for rapid material laying and road leveling. This was complemented by insulated transport vehicles that ensure quality asphalt paving by maintaining temperature during transit. Additionally, unmanned road rollers were used for compaction, showcasing XCMG’s advancements in digitalized smart construction technologies.

Across a 7,000-square-meter outdoor demonstration area, XCMG showcased an array of machinery, including cranes, excavators, road machinery, loaders, utility machinery, and aerial work platforms.

  • Crane Machines: Notably featured was the world’s first hybrid all-terrain crane certified by┬áCE and WVTA, the XCA60_EV, which offers plug-in, pure electric, and hybrid operation modes, significantly reducing operational costs by 40%. XLC220-E, China’s largest electric crawler crane, boasts a remarkable lifting capacity of 220 tons. With just 2 hours of DC charging, it can perform stable lifting operations for 8 hours, significantly reducing fuel costs.
  • Excavation Machines: XCMG demonstrated a leading range of six categories in excavation machinery, encompassing forestry logging, material handling, railway maintenance, water conservancy dredging, etc., offering global customers a “one-stop” customized solution.
  • Road Machines: The release of new products in five key areas includes a new generation of serialized bulldozer equipment, Series 5 complete road construction equipment, digital and intelligent technology, new energy construction equipment, and a complete set of mining road construction equipment.
  • Loader Machines: XCMG introduces brand new electric wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and mining loaders. The newly launched hybrid loader saves over 35% in fuel consumption on average, compared to conventional fuel-powered loaders. China’s largest XC9350 electric drive loader reduces fuel consumption by 25% and increases work efficiency by 20% compared to hydraulic drive loaders, making it perfectly suited for working with 120-180 ton mining trucks in open-pit mines.
  • Milling Machines: XCMG introduced a rotary drilling rig that features three working modes: hybrid, plug-in, and fully electric. Its global industry-first electro-hydraulic dual rotary drive technology is the highlight of this product launch.
  • Aerial Work Material Handling Equipment: For the first time, XCMG has introduced six main models of telescopic boom forklift trucks, expanding the selection to over 30 attachments for users. These attachments allow for quick changes, enabling versatile use of a single machine.

For more information about XCMG’s solutions, please visit https://www.facebook.com/XCMGGroup.

Source : XCMG Machinery Demonstrates the Next-Gen Green and Smart Construction Equipment in Xuzhou to 1,200 Invited Guests from Over 60 Countries and Regions

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