BEIJING, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 World Internet of Things (IoT) Exposition officially opened in Wuxi city, east China’s Jiangsu Province on October 21 on which the World IoT Wuxi Summit 2023 was also held, witnessing the signing of 22 major projects and attracting IoT elites worldwide to jointly promote the development of the industry.

Photo shows the scene of the 2023 World IoT Exposition opening in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu, Oct. 21, 2023.
Photo shows the scene of the 2023 World IoT Exposition opening in Wuxi, east China’s Jiangsu, Oct. 21, 2023.

The IoT development in Jiangsu has been at the forefront of China. The province’s integrated development level of informatization and industrialization in 2022 reached 66.4, ranking first nationwide for the eighth consecutive year, with the business revenue of the IoT industry rising by 10.3 percent year on year to 792 billion yuan.

In recent years, Wuxi, as the city that China’s IoT industry set sail from and leads the country’s IoT development, has vigorously promoted technological innovation and development of the IoT sector, led by the construction of the national sensor network innovation demonstration zone, and formed an industrial cluster featuring intelligent sensors, internet of vehicles and industrial internet and including 3,000-plus IoT enterprises, with a scale of more than 400 billion yuan, which drives a scale of 660 billion yuan of core industries in the digital economy.

The IoT development in Wuxi has attracted the world’s attention, and the World IoT Expo has also become a mirror reflecting the IoT development of China and the world.

At the World IoT Wuxi Summit 2023, Marc Tarragó, chairman of the IoT Solutions World Congress announced the launch of the "double exhibition" cooperation between the World IoT Expo and the IOT Sworldcongress, marking the first trial of the World IoT Expo to strengthen cooperation with other international exhibitions in the IoT sector with the aim to deepen international exchanges on advanced technologies and create an industrial ecosystem with complementary advantages.

A batch of platform carriers were also unveiled at the summit, including the City University of Hong Kong-Wuxi Industrial Technology Innovation Research Institute, the ChinaEurope (Wuxi) IoT Cooperation Innovation Center, etc., to constantly inject "new blood" into the IoT sector, and enhance, supplement and expand the industrial chain of the IoT industrial cluster in Wuxi.

Held by local authorities in Jiangsu and Wuxi, the 2023 World IoT Expo will hold 47 series of activities.  

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Source : Xinhua Silk Road: World IoT Expo held in E China's Wuxi city to boost development of IoT industry

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