The name practically speaks for itself. It is the amount credited to a player’s account, for free. It is one of the privileges awarded to new players upon sign-up and a form of incentive to encourage players to explore what the casino has to offer and of course, build trust. 

What is Free Credit Bonus? 

Players are awarded with free credit bonuses to be able to explore a variety of games or exhaust their credits on their preferred game, depending on the nature of the free credits. Some credits allow players to play a variety of games and some are game-specific. Either way, it doesn’t devaluate the fact that it is free. 

If that’s not enough, free credit bonuses can be withdrawn as earnings or as real money depending on the wagering requirements and terms of the casino. Some requirements are not that hard to follow, since free credit bonuses are akin to a welcome bonus, it is only for newcomers. Old or returning players are not usually entitled to this privilege. 

Advantages of Free Credit Bonus Casinos: 

As mentioned, players can start playing and earning without having to put down any cash. This deal fits the bill for casual players who want to try out their luck in games or for veteran players who are always on the lookout for game-changers in the market

Depending on the casino, the free credit bonus can be used on a variety of games. Some offer credits for specific segments like slot games, board games, etc. This advantage, aside from being a premium marketing strategy, is actually a way to earn the trust of the newcomer and hopefully their loyalty to the casino. It fosters a symbiotic relationship where the casino also benefits from the trust entrusted to them by players in the long run. 

How to Get Free Credit Bonuses? Is it really free? What’s the caveat? 

One word: sign-up. Clients only have to create an account, and in five minutes or less, the free credits will be reflected in their account.  

Anyone shouldn’t be too quick to jump the gun, though. Experts advise that any budding player should proceed with caution. There are a few things to consider before volunteering your personal information online. Sign-up with a casino that has been in the business for quite a while and has built a positive reputation. It must have a license from an international organization, and any reputable casino will have this information immediately available on its website. 

Most of the online casino platforms will not require a newcomer to deposit, becoming entitled to free credit bonuses. However, they have a turnover amount that the player must be able to reach to withdraw their winnings. This turnover varies from one casino to another.

However, withdrawals can be expedited if a player deposits money to play that enables faster turnover; otherwise, a player will just have to play by the casino’s turnover rules without deposit. 

The turnover amount is an example of a wagering requirement that casinos enforce as part of the business. While most casinos will make it easy-peasy to get a player on board, it is always advisable to read the terms and conditions to make optimal returns.

Other casinos also have maximum withdrawal amounts, so be sure to keep tabs on these details before signing up with an online casino. 

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