Accommodation in Thailand poses no particular difficulty. The many housing of all types, including single family homes, apartments and standard apartments in residence with supervised house staff and maintenance services.

In comparison with Western standards, house prices to rent are often very reasonable. For about 500 € per month, it is possible to rent a villa on the outskirts of Bangkok, for example. Note however that there are disparities between regions and districts. Thus, Phuket or Pattaya, prices may be higher than in the capital due to the international tourists.

For a few hundred euros extra per month, you can hire a housekeeper, widespread practice among expatriates in the country.

In general, housing includes basic amenities such as air conditioning which is essential during the hot season. You can opt for accommodation equipped or unequipped.

Note that the units equipped are more expensive to rent. Also note that except as otherwise clearly stated in the lease, water, gas and electricity are paid by the tenant.

The accommodations are rarely provided with gas, and the gas supply for domestic needs must be made by bottle.

Tap water is not always safe. In all cases, water canisters are commercially available or available at home.

In some cases, you can opt for a room in Thailand. Many websites make it possible to connect people offering apartments to share and people looking for roommates. Links are given at the end of this article.

The lease contract in Thailand

The duration of a lease is negotiable with the owner, as the price of rent. An advance payment of one month’s rent is required, with the equivalent of two months rent deposit, the tenant made, without interest, a month after the end of the lease. An inventory is required and damage will be deducted from the deposit and any unpaid invoice. If the tenant decides to leave before the end of the lease, the deposit is reported lost.

To rent an apartment or a house in Thailand, your passport, work visa and proof of income may be requested.


Where to look for accommodation?

The possibilities are wide and offer is important. You can surf the Internet, online agencies are numerous, but in the press, on-site or by word of mouth!

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