Salary Hero Co., Ltd.

Salary Hero Co., Ltd.


Salary Hero in Thailand offers financial wellness and Earned Wage Access to eliminate payday loans for blue-collar workers. Employers benefit from lower turnover and a happier, more productive workforce. Contact: 080-660-0014.

Salary Hero Co., Ltd.

Salary Hero is a financial wellness platform for the masses in Thailand. Through our salary on demand product (Earned Wage Access), we seek to eliminate the need for payday loans and predatory lending, in a country where loan sharks are the only option for most blue collar workers. We work directly with employers, to provide the salary advances, but are also building further services incl. financial education modules, savings accounts and remittances.

Employers see direct monetary benefits by implementing Salary Hero driven by lower staff turnover, faster recruiting and a happier and more productive workforce.

46 KRONOS Sathorn Office Building, 10th floor, Zone 1,
North Sathorn Road

Silom, Bang Rak


Source : Salary Hero Co., Ltd.

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