Digital Health, Medical Tourism Will Be Key Drivers Of Health Expenditure Growth In Thailand
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Digital health and medical tourism expected to fuel health expenditure growth in Thailand

Thailand’s health expenditure is expected to grow driven by digital health technologies, medical tourism, and an aging population. Public and private sectors will see growth, with public insurance covering the majority of the population. Healthcare personnel shortages may pose a challenge. Key View Thailand’s public and private health expenditure will grow over our five-year forecast […]

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Why is the air quality so bad in Thailand?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the annual average PM2.5 level should not exceed 10 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3), but Thailand’s average was 64 μg/m3 in 2022, more than six times higher than the WHO guideline. This article was originally published here: Why is the air quality so bad in Thailand? Read the […]

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Thailand is kitchen of the world

The importance of food and agriculture to Thailand is undisputable. About 40% of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood and it contributes to about 10% of GDP. The country is the world’s leading rice exporter and has successfully positioned itself as the “Kitchen of the World,” with the annual value of food exports expected to exceed 1 trillion baht in 2012.

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