different kinds of Visa you can get in Thailand

The visa waiver

Thailand has signed an agreement with 41 countries (including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada …), which enables nationals of these countries without a visa to enter Thailand and stay 30 days (in the case of entry by air) or 15 days (in the case of entry by land or sea).
The visa exemption takes the form of a stamp placed in your passport on arrival in the country.

Retirement visa
Anyone 50 or older can apply for a visa or retirement visa non-immigrant OA to the Thai embassy or consulate in their country of residence.
Once in Thailand, the retiree must go to his local Immigration Office to officially confirm his status as a pensioner. This procedure will confirm the validity of the visa will be retired for one year, renewable annually for an additional year under condition (indeed aspiring to retirement visa must provide proof of sufficient funds to continue to enjoy his retirement visa).
In any case the holder of a retirement visa is allowed to work on Thai soil.
Legislation on retirement visas changing rapidly. Here is a list of documents and steps required to obtain a visa and non-immigrant OA retired official status in Thailand.
Demonstrate evidence to support banking, annual revenue or 800 000 THB 65 000 THB monthly.
For those who have no income or pension, the sum of 800 000 THB must be deposited on a bank account in Thailand.
Once in Thailand, the retiree will have to go to the embassy with documents proving that holds the amounts shown above. Its embassy him get a certificate that can be presented to the immigration office in Thailand to obtain official status as a pensioner.

Conditions for granting the status restated:
• Be 50 years or older at the request of non-immigrant visa AO
•Not have a criminal record in their country of origin or in Thailand
•Have a non-immigrant visa A-O in its possession
•Have a medical certificate of good health of the visa holder.

Documents to be provided:

– Passport valid for at least one year
– Three copies of the application form for non-immigrant visa AO
– Three passport size photographs of recent (less than six months)
– Backgrounder personal
– Financial certificate issued by the embassy of the country where the applicant resides in Thailand
– Extract of criminal record (less than three months)
– Medical certificate (less than three months)

The wife (or husband) of the person who applies for a retirement visa must make their own visa. Conditions are exactly the same. The spouse must have his money in a separate account in his name only.

The non-immigrant visa O

Who can get this visa?
• Minors whose parents is a citizen of Thai
• Foreigners whose spouse is a Thai citizen
•Foreigners whose spouse holds an immigrant visa or nonimmigrant stay long
•Foreigners over 50 years
• Other (participation in a sporting event, humanitarian …)

– Authorized stay: 90 days
– It is possible to get a one-year extension of the visa to an immigration office in Thailand (you need at present the same documents for obtaining a non-immigrant visa OA, see below after)
– Cost: 50 € (1 entry) or € 120 (multiple entries) – (Embassy of France in Thailand, similar prices in other embassies)
– Validity of visa: 3 months (1 entry visa) or 1 year (multiple entries)

Parts required:
Passport that is valid for more than 6 months for a single-entry and 18 months for a multiple-entry from the date of entry into Thai territory
Visa application form duly completed
A photograph of the applicant taken full face, bareheaded, size 4X6 cm (less than 6 months)
Other parts depending on the circumstances of the applicant (spouse Thai abroad for more than 50 years …). In the case of foreigners more than 50 years, it will provide the rationale for a monthly income of 65,000 baht or a bank deposit of 800,000 baht (a French account by the case), or combination of the two.

The non-immigrant visa O-A

Who can get this visa?
• Foreigners over 50 years
• Domiciled in Thailand
• Justifying a monthly income greater than or equal to 65,000 or a bank deposit greater than or equal to 800,000 baht, or a combination of both,
• Did not intend to take up paid employment in Thailand
•Have never been convicted of a felony or offense against the security of Thailand, or their country of residence,
•Is not a drug addict or carrying diseases (leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, syphilis)

– Authorized stay: 1 year, renewable
– Cost: € 50 (single entry) or € 120 (multiple entries) – (Embassy of France in Thailand, similar prices in other embassies)
– Validity of visa: three months (single entry) or 1 year (multiple entries)

Parts required:
Passport that is valid for more than 18 months
Visa application form duly completed
A photograph taken from the front, bareheaded, 4X6 cm size (less than 6 months)
Proof of residence
A copy of the statement of account showing a credit balance of at least 8000.000 or certificate baht monthly income of at least 65,000 baht or an account on deposit and monthly income totaling not less than 800,000 baht per year
In the case statement, provide a letter from the bank stating the bank balance
In the case of income certificate, provide the original
A criminal record (Bulletin No. 3) less than three months and certified by the embassy of the applicant
A medical certificate less than 3 months, certifying that the applicant is not a carrier of diseases. This certificate must be issued by a doctor in the country where the visa application is made and must be validated by the Consulate of the applicant

Education visa

This visa allows a stay of one year.
To achieve this, you will need an official letter from a school accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.
You can register for this, for example, language courses (English or Thai).
If you are interested in this solution, we invite you to contact establishments on site, who will be able to assist you in achieving your visa.

Visa single-entry and multiple-entry visa

A single-entry visa does not give you the right to one visit, you enter the country (before the date of expiry of the visa) and are then permitted to stay time corresponding to the length of time that authorizes the visa. If you leave the country before the end of the period authorized for your stay, your days “non-consumption” will be lost.
However, it is possible to buy the rights to “re-entry” (re entry permit) before each of your leaving the country at a local immigration office. This will cost 1000 baht for a single entry and 3,800 Baht for multiple-input. These rights “re-entry” does not change the length of stay permitted.
Multiple-entry visa entitles you to several stays. You can enter and leave the country several times, the following rules:
– Each room can not exceed the length of stay authorized by the visa.
– Your last entry must be made before the date of expiry of the visa.
If the number of entries is specified (eg tourist visa two entries), you have the right to stay as many entries.
If the number of entries is not specified (eg non-immigrant visa O multiple-entries), you have the right to stay as much as you want, in respect of the two rules described above.
Thus, a non-immigrant visa O multiple-entry, which is valid for 1 year, you will spend up to one year and three months in Thailand (if you start your trip right after the visa ), but out of the country every 3 months.

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