If you are a fan of gambling, you might be interested to know that two of the world’s top casino operators are eyeing Thailand as a potential market for their gaming facilities.

According to sources, Galaxy Entertainment Group and MGM Resorts International are studying the possibility of opening casino resorts in Thailand, if the country legalises gambling in the near future.

Thailand has long been a popular destination for tourists, but it has also been a strict no-go zone for casinos, as gambling is illegal under Thai law. However, there have been some signs of change recently, as a casino resort proposal won cross-party support in the last House and is expected to be approved by the new government.

The proposal argues that legalising casinos would boost Thailand’s economy, create jobs, attract more foreign visitors, and reduce illegal gambling activities. It also suggests that casinos should be located in special economic zones or border areas, and that strict regulations and taxes should be imposed on them.

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