Thailand’s new Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, is looking to boost tourism revenue by easing visa rules for Chinese and Indian travelers and allowing longer stays for visitors from all countries.

The current visa application process for Chinese tourists is costly and cumbersome, while Indian travelers have to pay for a visa on arrival. The government aims to increase revenue from foreign tourists to 3.3 trillion baht next year.

However, the return of Chinese visitors has been slower than expected due to stringent e-visa requirements and China’s economic woes. The tourism sector is calling for additional measures such as adding flights and lengthening visas to attract more tourists.

In response to the call for additional measures to boost tourism, the Thai government is considering various strategies. One potential solution is to streamline the visa application process for Chinese tourists, making it more affordable and convenient. By implementing this change, Thailand aims to attract a larger number of Chinese visitors who are currently deterred by the cumbersome procedures and costs associated with obtaining a visa.

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