Following the real-world experiment with remote working, it’s time for business leaders to re-examine their previous misgivings, and explore how to adopt flexible working in the long term

  1. “Remote working isn’t right for our business.”
  2. “We don’t have the technology to support people working elsewhere.”
  3. “Our employees will take advantage if they’re not in the office.”

Pre-pandemic, the above were just some of the reasons business leaders gave for not adopting remote work. Following the pandemic, those reasons don’t carry quite so much weight. COVID-19 created the world’s largest homeworking experiment and, for many, showed just how possible it was for employees to do their jobs without being at the office. 

However, if you’re still not convinced, perhaps it’s time to re-examine the barriers and look at how they could be overcome within your organisation.

1. The first barrier: Technology

The pre-pandemic problem

A survey by The UK Work Foundation asked remote employees about their organisation’s provision and culture for them to work outside…

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